What to Expect for January 2019

What to expect this January 2019 and where to use your OAK tokens

Open Beta of Acorn Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding means you not only get funded, but you have your first group of committed backers and customers!

Acorn Hub

The Hub is where the journey starts. We give more to founders by helping them make their project data-driven, with real experts on hand to review their progress and suggest ways they can be more effective. Crowdfunding needs to change. When founders become part of the Hub they can access education, analytics, mentorship and resources to help their crowdfund become more successful, with dedicated experts ready to shape their campaign.

Acorn Social

Analytics and reporting for all your social networks in one place.

Acorn Academy

Join us over at the Acorn Academy where our knowledgeable tutors will guide you through exploring your idea, crafting your story, social marketing and more!

Proposition Canvas

Based on the lean business canvas, use our Proposition Canvas to quickly document your ideas and collaborate with one of our Acorn consultants on identifying further areas for exploration and development.

Acorn Marketplace / Services

And the OAK token?

The OAK token can be used for all transactions.

Coming Soon

Marketing Automation

We want you to focus on what you love — your product and customers — and less on complex marketing mechanics. We help automate digital marketing so you can focus on the idea and the people. Our marketing automation tools will help you visualise digital marketing plans, create workflows that we can help you design, then implement multi-channel marketing schemes.