I (heart) #womentech

A running list of all the new (and not so new) companies innovating especially for women

I’ve become so enamored with discovering new #womentech companies. Not #womenintech, but #womentech. These are companies that aren’t necessarily tech companies, but innovative businesses that are making things easier, healthier or, just simply more fun, for women.

A little bit for selfish reasons, but also because I love sharing goodness with others, I’m keeping a running list of those I discover. Disclaimer, I haven’t tried all of these yet, but I’ll tell you when it’s a personal recommendation.

If you use any of these, feel free to reply with your thoughts. Have you tried any the products or services below? Know a company I should check out? Leave a response below.

Activewear made from plastic bottles (Girlfriend Collective)

Girlfriend Collective
First on the list is Girlfriend Collective. According to them they make “eco-friendly apparel for people who care about doing good as well as looking good.” According to me, GC creates the best damn active gear–in sizes for all body shapes from recycled plastic bottles. Go get some GC in your life and be elevated. #heygirlfriend

Sustain is a new discovery. They produce all natural tampons, condoms, lubricants & more that do not include harmful chemicals, parabens or synthetic fragrances. “Sustain puts your body first — our products are healthier for you, and also happen to be better for the environment.” I haven’t tried their products yet, but I’m looking forward to giving a few of the items a try.

Gladrags has been around since 1993. They are one of the leaders in transforming menstrual care for women, including the makers of one of the first menstrual cups on the market. I have to admit I have not yet converted to the cup, but I am still considering it as an option.

Disposable pregnancy tests (Lia)

Harper Wilde
Hate shopping for bras? Harper Wilde has found a way to make it easier. Now you can order up to 3 bras at a time to have delivered for at home try-on and with no upfront charges. Keep the bras you want and return those that didn’t work for you via a pre-paid, printed postage label! You’ll be billed after 7 days for bras that have not been returned.

I haven’t had the need to use Lia yet, but I’d call this product true innovation. Just like Girlfriend Collective, Lia reduces the amount of plastic in landfills. A flushable pregnancy test made from biodegradable paper, Lia delivers the same accurate results as traditional tests.

Athena and ROAR
I’m cheating a bit with Athena and the accompanying ROAR app. Although not just for women, these two products help women (and anyone using them) stay safe from threats of harassment, assault and other acts of violence. A safety wearable that can be clipped onto a bag, belt or clothing, Athena allows you to alert friends, family (via the ROAR app) and anyone nearby when you are in danger. The device can be worn by women, men and children.

So far, pretty exciting right? Well bookmark this post, because I’ll be adding new items to the list as I discover new companies. Also, feel free to leave recommendations below. Easy, breezy #womentech for all.