Why we’re excited about embedded insurance in 2021

Photo by Ulises Baga on Unsplash
In 2020, ecommerce penetration of retail advanced by 11 percentage points, almost as much as had been achieved from 2010–2019 (14 percentage points) (Source: ONS)
Digital services are collecting data that enables new insurance models
Digital services have far higher NPS than insurance (Source: public information)
Consumer willingness to entrust Big Tech with insurance has been rising even prior to the Covid-19 induced explosion of digital services. (Source: Edelman and The Geneva Association)
Poor communication causes the insurance industry to be poorly understood. Most people have had a negative experience with insurance. (Source: Edelman & The Geneva Association)



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Jessica Bartos

Venture capital @SalesforceVentures, investing in B2B software and fintech