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APIs with Calvin Pak, Shain Lafazan, and Eric Yuan

Brief Introduction

APIs is a unified protocol for querying and transacting with public networks, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and IPFS. The network is open to all: anyone can build and publish RESTful APIs, called “Add-On”s, that can be accesses by any third-party developer in the world

Introduction AMA

Eric: Hello everyone!!! Good morning!!

Shain: Hi everyone 👋

Patrice: good morning Mickey!! @eydt09 🙂

Patrice: Hello Guys!! welcome to the AMA Room!! SO excited to have you here! how are you all today? Are you three in the same location right now? @slafazan @eydt09 @ethcp

Eric: We all on same Time zone. Am from Southern California.

Shain: We’re all over the USA! I’m in Northern California.

Patrice: Nice!! i miss CA! too scared to travel now 😂 is @ethcp here as well? You guys must be having lovely weather over there!

Calvin: @ethcp will be here shortly

Eric: @ethcp lived in SF for long time and now is Las Vegas. But we have teammates in New York , South Korea , and China.

Calvin: I’m here now, sorry!

Patrice: must be blazing heat for you 😂 and you guys are all over the globe! nice team!

Shain: I heard from a friend that it hailed in San Jose today — I need to fact check that though! Hard to believe 🤣

Patrice: Hey @ethcp you’re not late to the party. Crazy weather you guys are having. snowstorm in Houston.

Please introduce yourselves gentlemen, your background, how you all met and how you discovered CRYPTO 😉

Calvin: Glad to be here!!! I can start! I met Shain back in 2018 in a Gaming NFT marketplace company called BitGuild! And the rest is history, lol.

Afterwards we guys had participated in almost all EthGlobal hackathons plus some other DeFi hackathons, built numerous projects from crypto wallets to arbitrage trading engines.

What we realized is that for each dapp, there are many common components, and we have built some starter kit where we can kick start any crypto project easier with that start kit and that’s kinda the beginning of the APIS.

Patrice: Can you tell us how you guys thought of the whole concept and why it’s called Apis?

Shain: Of course 👍 The APIS came from the realization that getting information from public blockchains can be difficult, and sending transactions can get complicated — so we realized that a set of common API interfaces could change the way dApps are built.

Patrice: i see what you did there 😉

Shain: Hence, the APIS 🎉

Patrice: Sooo there’s actually a lot of toolkits, sdk’s that are claiming to have the most complete, easy and buildable programs. what sets you apart? how are you unique?

Calvin: Why do i get the tough questions? lol j/k

Patrice: well @eydt09 can answer too! hahaha.

Eric: Well

Patrice: You guys are free to share any media or slides here 🙂

Eric: We have much easier tools work with that is familiar with most developers out there.

Shain: Haha, looks like we all want to answer — but we can wait for @ethcp to finish.

Eric: We also a no code solution that allow those don’t have much coding or zero knowledge of programming to build blockchain apps.

Calvin: i think what sets us apart is that the APIS is actually built with the real problems that our partners reach out to us. We started with a team reaching out to us trying to do the very basics such as creating a token and enable transactions. It’s from a team of very experienced developers, took them a week to learn Solidity and research. we provided them with 3 endpoints where they can create wallet, launch token and check wallet balances and they completed the app in a day.

Eric: Slogan →Build blockchain apps without blockchain code.

Calvin: We aim to simplify the development process for common use cases, so once we built a solution with the APIS, all developers can benefit from it.

Eric: Here a good video from @ethcp

Patrice: WOW! That easy? 😱

Calvin: Eric has all the links! It still needs a bit technical knowledge, but as Eric mentioned, we are working on making a DeFi app with no-code app (AppGyver and Bubble) so non-technical founders can build a DeFi app without write any blockchain code. We are still about 6–8 weeks from getting that milestone

Eric: So you can build a blockchain app

Patrice: Can you tell us about $API and its utilities @slafazan ?

Shain: Happy to!

Eric: Here some reference for the Audience

Shain: We’re highly focused on community and network success — so many tokens are allocated to the usage mining program, to help onboard users and projects that want to grow with us

Another large set of tokens are allocated for community treasury! So we intend to promote buidling in the ecosystem 🎉

Patrice: Yes, I see that! Numbers are looking good.

Shain: Finally, the API Lab program will allow us to make partnerships with other decentralized platforms to take the project into a more cohesive future of blockchain tooling.

Patrice: Sounds exciting! @eydt09 can you tell us when you’re launching and what major developments are coming up in the next 60 days?

Eric: We already launched to be exact. People can run BTC ETH and BSC

These are what they call procedure Calls. In tech speak

Patrice: Are these available now?

Eric: Yes

Patrice: NOICE!!!

Eric: Basically running computer program elsewhere. Another computer or another network as @slafazan @ethcp can speak further. We are pretty far ahead for a project like this. We have tons of other projects and collaborations work on further.

Patrice: Right. 👍🏼 What dapps are currently partnering up with you that we’re watching out for? @ethcp @slafazan can add too 🙂

Shain: We are in talks with several teams we respect in the ecosystem!

Patrice: SOUNDS SOMETHING BIG 😎 I hope I’m right.

Shain: We are currently exploring integrations with Chainlink, Matic, (and others coming soon)! Integration is a key part of our vision for the APIS project — allowing low-code access to all that DeFi and public blockchains have to offer.

Community AMA

Q: What is the significance of $API token And what if you said something about the security of the #APIS platform?

Shain: Excellent question — the $API token serves several key roles in the APIS. It’s used as incentive for gateway and node providers, a staking tool for validating good actors, governance, and finally as a burn fee. The $API token will drive the ecosystem, and early on it incentivizes usage and rewards participants.

Q: $API token listed on cmc & coingecko but not available on Exchange platform yet, when will be listed your token on the exchange? What is the current stage of $API token?

Shain: Hi Nahiyan, we’re in with several exchanges — and we’re exploring the best ways that projects are launching their tokens and doing right by the early community. That being said, I can’t give exact listing dates yet — and we will be 100% transparent about the developments in our social media, and channels.

Eric: We will be on exchanges in near future . Token is ready

Q: How can I benefit from #APIS platform apart from other similar protocol, any special services your platform offer so people should choose #APIS

Shain: To me, as a developer as well as a founder, one of the exciting thing about the APIS platform is that it lets me build more and faster — especially cross-chain solutions. This is really a game-changer in my opinion. Cross-chain ecosystems and interoperability are a big part of the future of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, BSC, and others — and there just isn’t enough tooling out there to make it approachable for many developers and entrepreneurs.

Q: Why you choose ERC-20 chain to built $API token? Having networks with a lower fee in transactions such as bep2, trc-20, What benefits does ERC-20 have that the others don’t?

Calvin: We definitely understand the cost of using an ERC-20 token. That’s why we are looking at Polygon/MATIC as the layer2 solution, and the APIS project is also adding support for Solana, as both the speed and gas cost on Solana are amazing.

Shain: Thanks for the great question, Durjoy — ERC20 is still the standard for many projects and the APIS is no exception. We see the DeFi tooling and investment expanding, and much of that uses ERC20 tokens to operate. Access to DEX’s, Uniswap, etc provide many value-adds for the community. That’s not to rule out other blockchains and ecosystems, though! < — — more on this to come 🎉

Q: Do you agree that community is a key factor for the success of the project? Knowing that the project has quite successful phases, do you have more plans to attract community members?

Shain: Absolutely! In fact, our token economics are based entirely around community success. We’re confident that the power to build, combined with the power of blockchain and decentralized apps, will attract many, many developers and others

Eric: Yes we are very community focus project .. we listen to our community

Q: How does #APIS plan on getting the word out about the project to the community and implement real world use-case?

Shain: We’re talking about this now, it’s working its way into our roadmap! One of the key strategies we have is to expand real use-cases by onboarding new dApps and solving data issues both on and off-chain — so we will grow with the projects that need APIS solutions

Eric: We partner with other projects to help market us as well as all diverse users come to our platform.

We can help enhance other projects. So those projects will be our biggest endorsements

Q: What are the main characteristics of #APIS platform that you want to be shared with the community members

Eric: Main characteristics is we are ultimate integrator , we work with all chains and we want democratize blockchain coding for everyone

Closing Remarks

Patrice: Nice work guys! I think you’ve answered all questions 💪🏼 Please invite the community where they can find you 🙂

Eric: Nice!

Patrice: tears of joy? 😂

Eric: Anymore questions?

Patrice: That’s it 🙂 link to your socials and groups please.

Eric: Twitter : @theapis_io

Website :

Patrice: got it! Thank you so much guys for joining us here today @ethcp @slafazan and @eydt09 do you have a telegram group as well?

Eric: Telegram:

Patrice: perfect! for those who missed the AMA they can definitely join you there and ask questions 🙂 Thanks again and you all have a lovely day ahead 😉

Eric: Yes please!!! Thank you all

Calvin: thank you so much for all your time, please feel free to ping me for anything

To join in on the discussion feel free to join our group @amaroom




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