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Brief Information

Bitroom is the world’s first membership-based cryptocurrency exchange. Adhering to the original intention of promoting the consensus between the project and investors, mutual benefit and mutual win situation, the first “membership” model, to provide users with safe and convenient digital asset exchange services.

By selecting and introducing quality blockchain projects around the world, Bitroom iscommitted to providing our members with a richer market investment option, better experience and more opportunities for high returns.


Q: First of all, can you introduce yourself to the group?

Yes. My name is Michael He. I had build two mobile internet company. And I join crypto in 2016. I’m fan of bitcoin and blockchain.

Q: I have little knowledge about so please tell us what the project is. is a new cryptocurrency exchange. is world’s first membership-based cryptocurrency exchange. Membership is one of the most successful business models. We want to become game changer of cryptocurrency exchange.

Q: How can you guarantee return from an investment into Bitroom?

We want to build cryptocurrency exchange like bitcoin. we want to community to get return. We share benefit with members. It’s why we want to build a membership-based cryptocurrency exchange.

Q: I had trouble understanding the membership based part. Doesnt all exchange require you to sign up (become a member)?

Member is not just users, member must stake platform token with us.

Q: How does your membership works?

Users stake some platform token in to become members and then can get benefits of members.

Q: Is the Bitroom founders/team planning to make a live stream soon? Since Bitroom has been launched.

Yes. we love to.

Q: Do you think a brand new exchange can compete with others top exchanges out there? Why did you start this project?

That’s because we believe benefits should share with community. It’s spirit of bitcoin and blockchain. We believe it have values. And membership is implements.

Q: Where is the exchange based in? Is this exchange based in the US?

We based Hong Kong.

Q: As I searched, there is very little information about Bitroom, why is this? I think marketing is important to any project.

Yes. we just start marketing. So we come here to introduce our project.

Q: What are the pros and cons of Bitroom? What are the benefits for users to attract users?

First we have membership mechanism. It’s core of the exchange. Second every step we take bring out decentralized and transparency.

Q: What exactly is an ITO?

Such as the method of distribution of platform token, We invented Initial Trust Offering (ITO). Token distributions are all transferred through the same distribution address, Fundraising is carried out on the blockchain, Each transaction and the number of positions at each address can be publicly queried:

Q: Bitroom shares most of the revenue with its members. Is this a special feature that helps Bitroom attract users?

Yes. we want to grow up with members. Only powerful community can build good projects.

Q: It is known that Bitroom’s user attraction feature is good security. What technology does Bitroom use to ensure security?

We have experienced engineering team from Silicon Valley and China to ensure security.

Too many questions about members, so I’ll explain all member questions as following:

We would like to truly bound with members, and share the benefits with members.
✓Only members can participate in the platform’s Launchpad
✓ Participation in Launchpad guarantees a minimum return
✓ Platform profit sharing

Users by holding 4000 BMT to become a member, and only members can participant in launchpad projects. We guarantee 200% return by participating in launchpad. Otherwise, we will buy token back at 2x times
For example, our first launchpad just finished two days ago, and the price now is 4times of launchpad price.

The next launchpad project is that ETH will be sold at half price, which means you can buy ETH in 113 USDT (refers to today’s price).

Q: What was the first launchpad?

First launchpad is completed. And next launchpad is 50% of ETH, and only member can participate in.

Q: So membership will be valued base on amount of Bitroom token that member hold right? Is there details of membership table ?

Q: How is this being funded? Who subsidized the 50% of ETH?

We want early believe of can get more benefits. And we have good community in Korean. Korean community are first. Next week we will open to Chinese and Russian.

Q: Can you specify the benefits?

ITO have multiple rounds of incremental price. The sooner users participate, the greater the benefits they will accrue.

80% to ITO raised will returned to community. It’s big difference between IEO and ICO.

Q: If we send ETH, how long do they stay there to get benefits? Can we unstake them immediately after the next Launchpad?

After ITO closed (no more than 15 days) 80% of ITO raised start to returned to community. It’s last 30 days. Token is on your wallet and you can unstake anytime.

Q: How does the company earn from this?

We have equity investment. We spend some money to expand users and than we can get transaction fees and list fees. We know we need community’s help, so we want to share benefits with members.

Q: If that’s the case, you will have limited funds for the future. You think it can sustain the exchange?

We get 20% to sustain the exchange. Company need earn money. We want a begin development.

Q: You have a cold storage wallet? In case of hacking? How about SAFU funds like Binance?

Yes. we will cooperate with some insurance company to make storage safe.

Q: How about market makers? The the real problems of newly built exchange.

Yes. Now we cooperate with some market markers. Then we have plan to develop trading mining.

Q: What is Bitroom future development plan?
First we develop 50% off ETH/BTC/EOS launchpad to expand more users. Then we develop trading mining to solve liquidity problems. Third we will introduce global partners plan to expand more countries. ITO will keep going. And we will list more high quality projects. And we have more innovation to attract community.

Q: What exchanges will BMT plan to list?

Yes. We are negotiate with other exchange. But based on the agreement, we still can’t announce now. Sorry.

Q: Are you owner of Bitroom?

I’m partner of and one of owner of Bitroom.

Q: When will next launch pad be launched?

Next launchpad will be launched at Hong Kong Time: 2019/08/06 20:00:00. You can check details on

Q: In the future, Bitroom has a project to attract users such as airdrop, event…


Q: Thanks for the time. Can you invite everyone to your Telegram group for further questions.
Thank you. Our telegram group is

Welcome to our telegram group.
Thank you Eric. Amazing community.

To join in on the discussion feel free to join our group @amaroom



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