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Cellframe with Dmitry Gerasimov

Brief Information

The Cellframe Blockchain project represents the fusion of the best solutions for the upcoming challenges of the post-quantum era while offering new progressive ideas to already existing systems. We develop the quantum resistant blockchain of the new generation based on 100% original C-code, optimized for high load and merge of all the top modern features of existing blockchain technologies.

Introduction AMA

Patrice: Hi @naeper!

Dmitry: Hello! Hello everybody!

Patrice: Great to have you here! How are you?

Dmitry: Well, thanks! Eveyrthing is good

Patrice: Where are you logging in?

Dmitry: Are you asking about my physical location?

Patrice: Yes!

Dmitry: Novosibirsk, Russia. Deep in snow, ever March outdoors. Good background for work with bleeding edge of technologies.

Patrice: Nice view I bet!! must be freezing, too!! 😅

Dmitry: That's something to cool my CPU lol

Patrice: Must be working hard that CPU 😂 First, tell us about you, your background and how you discovered crypto. Must be an interesting background. Very curious now 😁

Dmitry: My primary education is physicist but I left science 20 years ago and gone to software development, mostly system software developemnt but through 20 years I got experience in full stack. At 2007 I founded outsource development company thats transformed in blockchain startup at 2017–2018 and here I am. Because of physicist background I was awared a lot of quantim threat — I know, thats real and I know why it real. Before that I had about 7 years of network development experience and had some codebase with own C framework. Thats became as basement for our own VPN services, than its code was used for blockchain and own post-quantum cryptography implementations. So, passed almost 3 years of development and here we are on the last stages of testing before the launch.

Patrice: Wow! First time to be talking to a physicist. Very interesting! Who introduced you to blockchain?

Dmitry: My first BTC I’ve purchased at 2013 and it was I remember exactly about 50 BTC thats I’ve spent mostly for VPN access and hosting services for my multimedia streaming project. But then till 2017 I wasnt interesting a lot, just was keep tracking this topic, nothing more. Until was announced 5 and 7 qubit quantum computers by IBM and Google. And became clear that its working.
Because I had VPN I’ve thinked first about encryption update. We used RSA and it was first goal of quantum cracking. But after that one my friend said me — why you don’t suggest your encryption for the blockchain? Blockchain can’t change easy encryption on the fly, when VPN need just to upgrade software.
So, I’ve switched on blockchain and found it wonderfull. Blockchain its bleeding edge of cryptography where you can meet everyting: symmertic encryptiom, assymetric, one-way encryption — ever homomorph encryption now implemented in blockchain projects! Amazing world for me as developer

Patrice: 50BTC today though!! I agree with you how beautiful blockchain is 🧡

Please tell us what Cellframe Network is all about 🙂 and if you could also elaborate the quantum threat for us that would be lovely

Dmitry: Unfortunately everything was spent, wish to have time machine to get back and say myself not to do it.

Lets start first from quantum threat. Quantum physics its kind of contr-intuitive mechanics that's has lot of advantages. One of this advantage is calculations where as memory cells used quantum particles thats could be not in only one state, like in classic computers, but in quantum superposition of different state. Omitting details, that's gives ability to do math manipulations with lot states per one operations and total amount of this states grows exponentialy with entangled quantum particles count.
So if we have linear Mur law for classic CPU calculations power grow, — for quantum calculations its exponential — only adding one qubit to the system we scale its power twice! One more — twice again.
So few years ago was achieved so called quantum superiority when quantum calculations does something that classic can’t.
Returning back to encryption: modern cryptography, so called classic cryptography, was designed without keeping in mind of so such high-scale calculations. So most of asymmetric classic algorithms and ever some symmetric are under attack. Who knows, may be secret quantum computers listen our communications right now?
But there is threat bigger — crypto currency wallets. So the CellFrame was begun to resolve this problem. But after transformed to something more than just another blockchain but with PQ encryption (Post-Quantum)

or shortly: Quantum-resistant layer-1 network focused on facilitating secure and scalable cross-chain transfers.

Patrice: WOW! this is huge — the quantum technology. and i see now why it’s a threat. So Cellframe is a blockchain in its own? can it act as a layer 2 solution as well?

Dmitry: Yes, its designed as universal tool that could be used for private networks building, 2nd layer solution, enterprise chains and etc.

Patrice: Awesome!! When is it launching?

Dmitry: One more year, we need to finish everything.

Patrice: Can you briefly share utilities of $CELL?

Dmitry: It could be used to become a master node, bridge node, service node, fisherman or any other role that requires staking. Most interesting is to delegate your stake for a service node that has no such stake and get some percent from its profit.

Also it could be used to exchange it on another CellFrame powered tokens that could (and should) appears in feature, to pay for dedicated secure services and just for savings as usual

Patrice: All this use for the token? COOL!!

Community AMA

Q: What are some of the problems Cellframe see with the current Dapps architecture and how do you aim to improve on them with your solution?

Dmitry: I see the next most important problems:
- Single addresses where big amounts of funds collecting and attract hackers. And poor API for low-level opertions.
- Also there are limitations with cryptography, — most of blockchains select only its own algorythm for signature, so to bridge it we need to implement it as weel.
- No build in payment systems for service microtransactions
— Pure security for current dApps, thats mostly Etherium problems but I believe we’ll face it soon everywhere.

To solve it all in one time we develop CellFrame. Thats complex tool with big set of usecases.

Q: Ever since I’ve been browsing, I’ve never thought of the need for a decentralized internet, so can you tell us why you think it’s important? Are there risks attached to centralized internet services we use on a regular basis? #CellframeAMAroom”

Dmitry: Internet at the beginning was decentralized. And still is on some levels. Things that are centralized produces problems — private data leaks, unstable services, goverment or corporation censorship. We just trying to repair internet and keep it free as it used to be. And make it more stable and secure.

Q: I wonder quite something different. Cellframe on Twitter around 3 years and only has 180 followers. Why are you not active in communication and creating community?

Dmitry: We were deep in code and all that we could say was too special. But possible I’m wrong and we need to publish everyrthing that we did? Need to think about it.

Q: What is Cellframe? What are your ideas and motivations for creating Cellframe project?

Dmitry: Its bleeding edge of technologies, absorbed all the high tech thats availble for humanity. I feel exiting when work with it.
Also it socially significant, it gives people freedom for savings and payments without goverment control. And I had ability to help them a little, I couldn’t stay aside

Q: How is Cellframe developing? How do you retain users and attract new users to your platform?

Dmitry: We have everything dedicated, development teem as well — people living in Easter Europe, Russia, UK, South-Eastern Asia and I belive soon we can’t say where we haven’t team members lol.
Anyway everything is moderated personaly by myself, every line of code I review personaly. Here I am acting as benevolent dictator, like Linus Torvalds does in Linux kernel.

Q: Amazing, I really like physics, and am expecting Cellframe Network’s VPN service to come out, how does it work? And what is its difference from existing similar services?

Dmitry: We focused more on blockchain and unversal platform for different services, not only VPN. VPN is just example of usage of our technologies, its pretty well, but can’t say that smth special. Right now we focused more on cross-chain interactions and new services development.

Patrice: Great to know that. Are you starting marketing already?

Dmitry: Can’t comment anything about marketing but as you can we’re dived out from the deeps and now are on the cover. We’re public now and promise to keep everybody posted with news and updates.

Closing Remarks

Patrice: That’s good news! Speaking of news, do you have new development or events we should know about? What’s the latest from you guys?

Dmitry: About development: nearest time we plan to do some updates for our current testnet, update node software, do releases for MacOS, FreeBSD and focus on Wallet (Cellframe Dashboard).
Another our event will be very soon: public FlashLaunch on TrustSwap

Cellframe Network

Quantum-resistant layer-1 network focused on facilitating secure and scalable cross-chain transfers.

⚡️Public FlashLaunch on TrustSwap (⚡️

Patrice: Also, please share here where else they can find and follow you.

Dmitry: Telegram ( | Telegram ANN ( | Twitter ( | Website ( | Medium (

Patrice: GREAT! That’s it for today’s AMA guys! Thank you so much to our guest @naeper and for everyone who tuned in and participated. Stay tuned for the winners and how you can claim your prizes 🧡

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too

It was such an informative AMA!! Thanks again @naeper 😁

Dmitry: Thank you everybody for good questions, if any more you could find me in Telegram group (link above)

To join in on the discussion feel free to join our group @amaroom



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