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DeFiPie with Aleksei Kopievskii

Brief Information

DeFiPie combines Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS), Liquidity Pool-as-a-Service (LPaaS) AND Staking-as-a-Service (SaaS) in one platform.

DeFiPie combines some of the best features of money market protocols, while offering its own unique features, enabling users to enjoy the promises of Decentralized Finance.

Introduction AMA

Aleksei: Hello everyone

Eric: Hello @alekseikopievskii how are you today?

Aleksei: Perfect 👌 And you?

Eric: All good. Crazy days in crypto!

Aleksei: Yeah. Really crazy. Haha.

Eric: Back to these 4–5 hours sleep nights! From where are you logging in from @alekseikopievskii ?

Aleksei: 👍 Same things. Right now I’m in Moscow, but tomorrow flying to another city. Every day on the way, deals, work and so on 😂

Eric: Lets talk about your background first. What did you do before diving into crypto>

Aleksei: Recently was in Dubai

Eric: Nice! Interesting place

Aleksei: I worked as a JavaScript/Frontend developer almost 5 years. Half of this experience was in crypto related startups, half in other business. So, I was tech guy. Now I’m more business related oriented;)

Eric: From hoodies to suits!

Aleksei: Yeah 😅

Eric: So how did you discover crypto? what was ur first one?

Aleksei: WINGS token. Now it’s DFinance startup. Started to work with them from the end of 2016. After that of course BTC.

Eric: Good picks! So tell us, what is Defipie?

Aleksei: DeFiPie it’s a pie with lending, staking, y farming, governance. Like a layers. I like to say that DeFiPie is Uber in decentralised world. Now we’re live on Ethereum mainnet, finished BSC testnet and soon we’ll release BSC mainnet 🚀🚀🚀

Eric: So what benefits does defipie bring to the defi experience?

Aleksei: Let’s compare with Compound. We’re something like compound, but for any erc20 asset for now, soon for BSC assets and later cross chain without borders

Eric: So its an all in one DEFI experience product

Aleksei: Yes, better to use one app rather 5–6

Eric: But the protocols are from 3rd party apps or partners, right? they are not in-house or internal lending or swapping contracts

Aleksei: No, everything in-house. Own liquidity, no external APIs. Maybe later we’ll consider to add something. Right now we have a lot of other things to implement.

Eric: Impressive. So what is the token called and what does it do?

Aleksei: $PIE, Main purpose of token — is governance. We planned to release governance during this month, but now we fully switched on BSC integrated. So, governance a little bit later

Eric: What can people govern or vote for?

Aleksei: Anything related to DeFiPie. For example, set up collateral factor, delist tokens and so on

Eric: Can you share photos of the UI of Defipie?

Aleksei: Let me tweet something a little bit later and share here) I’m from phone right now

But you can check application:

Also test BSC testnet

Eric: Check the link out guys. it looks good. So it will make DEFI on BSC easier soon too

Aleksei: Sure. Gas fees on ETH are huge.

Eric: How is the blockchain scene in Moscow? Besides Chainlink, I think Defipie is one of the success stories coming out of that region.

Aleksei: I don’t know a lot of success stories in Moscow related to crypto yet, but I know good teams here, who are working on great ideas and products

Eric: i understand that you have been helping or incubating other projects. Care to share promising ones?

Aleksei: Yes :) So, here you will be first community, who will know this info. Recently I joined as an advisor to MerchDAO project. I’m helping them with everything related to crypto business and fundraising!

Eric: Very cool project. NFTs are becoming mainstream fast

Aleksei: Can I share link here? @ERCSU

Eric: Sure!

Aleksei: Yes. I like this 👍

Eric: Merging merchandise and real world items and NFTs have a big potential. Will they be integrated in DEFIPIE in anyway too?

Aleksei: I’m sure that we’ll collaborate together. Just wait for announcements as always)

Eric: I hope we can order Defipie shirts ordered where each shirt is unique via @merchdao nice.

Aleksei: Yeah, it’s perfect case 😂 Here we go 🚀🚀🚀

Community AMA

Q: Talking about UX/UI, I would like to know how user friendly DefiPie platform is and if you guys accept reviews and feedbacks from users of the platform? #DeFiPieAMAroom

Aleksei: Sure. I like when our users trying to communicate with us!
We have awesome UX dev Alym. You can check his work

And if you have something to share with us, just tag me in our official community

Q: DeFi is one of the hottest and most sought-after topics in the blockchain space right now. Do you think DeFi will disrupt the current financial system? What is defipie’s approach to the DeFi sector?

Aleksei: DeFi is too young now…and market has a lot of speculators. Users have to understand that not only companies should bring value. Users have to do same things too. Once we’ll have strong crypto oriented community, DeFi will shine

Q: What makes you most proud of the progress of the Depifie project so far? after moving from Erc20 to BEP20 and what are your future plans?

Aleksei: We’re not Russian scam 😂
It’s a proud. Also decision about BSC integration were made after Agora event in Dubai 1 week ago. And our tech team implemented testnet during 2–3 days. Awesome!

Future plan — release mainnet BSC, governance and after only cross chain

Q: Who are the @defipiepie projects strategic investors and partners? What criteria/ process do you follow in evaluating your partnership deal with them?

Aleksei: DeFiPie is community backed project. We don’t have VCs and funds onboard.

Partners should bring value first of all. It’s a main criteria

Q: Are the DeFiPies lending solutions some compatible with the real-life lending solutions? Could we somehow extend the lending outside of Blockchain?

Aleksei: For now no, but I already covered this question during another AMAs. Maybe in future we’ll work as a big bank system. Who knows)

Q: Do you have any plan & system to increase the token value of @defipiepie project for $PIE token holders like coin rebuying or coinburn or anythings?

Aleksei: Yes…we planned to release burning mechanism info before 2021. But…let us make BSC and governance and after I’ll share this info. Sorry 🙏

Q: What are the requirements for adding a token to the liquidity pool? Does the community make a decision to include and remove tokens?

Aleksei: Token should has proper liquidity on Uniswap. At least 75ETH. Once governance will be ready, community will vote for requirements, delisting process, collateral factors and so on

Q: How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?

Aleksei: Really important. You can support us by retweets, mentioning everywhere. People have to see a lot of info about DeFiPie. Spread the words, guys!

Q: When we could know the name of the secret dev?

Aleksei: Haha) I’ve got you :)
Yes, I think we’ll share this info during this week 👍 we promised to release this info earlier. But as I mentioned before It might be conflict of interest. So, this week — something like a deadline

Q: DeFiPIE runs on the Ethereum and BSC blockchains. Are you considering enabling cross-chain functionality at layer 2 for multiple blockchains?

Aleksei: Yes 👍
Once BSC and governance will be ready 🚀🙏

Closing Remarks

Eric: Please invite everyone to follow your twitter and telegram for more news and announcement @alekseikopievskii

Aleksei: Thank you guys

Eric: Thanks everyone!!

Aleksei: Thank you @ERCSU

To join in on the discussion feel free to join our group @amaroom



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