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ECOMI with Daniel Crothers

Brief Information

ECOMI Collect is an application that allows users to buy, sell and trade premium licensed, digital
collectibles and other related virtual goods.

Through the ECOMI Collect app, users can browse a multitude of different brands and categories
to view and purchase digital collectibles, becoming the official owner.

Introduction AMA

Patrice: Hi @DanECOMI welcome! Glad to have you here 🙂 Where are you logging in from?

Daniel: Hey everyone — really happy to be here. Thanks for having me on! I’m logging in all the way down south of the globe in New Zealand.

Patrice: Nice weather today over there?

Daniel: It’s been a superb summers day.

Patrice: Firstly, please introduce yourself and your background.

Daniel: Sure. So I am the cofounder and COO at Ecomi. For the past 20 years I have been entrepreneurial in the online space, growing communities into the millions, and building software solutions for some of the world’s largest brands. My real passion is crafting beautiful products that push the boundaries, and that is what I hope I have achieved with VeVe.

I have been in the crypto space since 2017 where I got in, luckily, right before the bull market and I spent the first year waking up at all times of the night to check my trades haha.

I quickly became intrigued with all the crypto and blockchain and stared to explore the business opportunities in the space, which lead to the release of our first product, the Secure Wallet, a credit card sized hardware wallet for digital assets — Then, crypto kitties came out and we recognized there was an opportunity to bring out a disruptive product in collectible space, and thus VeVe was born

Patrice: Hahaha so you trade too! what was the first coin you ever had?

Daniel: Haha I used to trade, but not much time for it these days. I traded so many alts back then I can’t even recall what my first was haha.

Patrice: I see you weren’t hyped with btc then! heard lots of good things about Secure Wallet. where can people buy it?

Daniel: My only regret was not buying more BTC 😅 The Secure Wallet is available at!

Patrice: You and I both! Please do tell us more about VeVe 🙂

Daniel: I would love to! VeVe is a digital collectible experience that mirrors what fans and collectors already know and love in the physical world of collecting, and brings the world of collectibles into the right into the palm of your hand in the digital realm.

With VeVe you can collect limited edition NFT 3D digital sculpturesof your favorite heroes, characters and icons in premium digital format, right from your smartphone.

A key focus for VeVe is to attract the mainstream audiences, and to do that we need to ensure the experience was fun, easy, and all the crypto and blockchain tech remains in the background, and I’m please to say we have managed to achieve a great balance for mainstream and crypto users

VeVe is already live with thousands of users and you can download the app here:
VeVe App Links:

Patrice: So it’s totally compatible! Can you trade your NFT in a different market or only in the VeVe app?

Daniel: Right now, due to licensor restrictions most of our digital collectibles are traded within VeVe. however we are actively working with licensors to make them more comfortable with the open NFT marketplaces.

This year, we have a number of large brands coming onboard who will immediately offer interoperable NFTs, so we know the industry is heading this way.

Patrice: Exciting 🤩

Daniel: Yes! This year will see some big changes in the licensing space with NFTs

Patrice: Cool! what can you do with your collections in VeVe? can you maybe show us your favorite collectible? 😆

Daniel: For us it was really important our digital collectibles could be used and interacted with in the _real world_, and for the reason all digital collectibles can viewed in AR and users can take photos and videos to share online.

This is proving to be really popular and we are seeing a lot of great user generated content from VeVe users.

Patrice: Wow!! SUPER COOL!!!

Daniel: Two examples of our digital collectibles in AR! Also for collectors, displaying your collection is an imporatant and fun exercise. So all VeVe users have access to create their own virtual showrooms whihc can be set up and customised as you like. Here is an example of one of our community:

The virtual showrooms are full shareable, so I could share mine on the VeVe Feed and any other VeVe user can walk through (like in the video above) and like or comment.

Collectible is a lot about sharing an bragging right, so having his social component is hugely important

Patrice: Amazing where the world is heading now digitally. that would be so fun to have! so we can open our collections to others through AR like a show room?

Daniel: Yes 100%!

Patrice: Whooaa! The quality is just amazing! Would love to have cars in it! are you adding more car brands soon? I believe you have GM now right?

Daniel: We sure do! For thos that may not know we recently welcomed General Motors to the Vehicle category of VeVe

Patrice: Nice!! So please tell us now about your token, OMI

Daniel: So it’s very exciting to be bring the vehicle to life in AR at 1:1 scale. The token powering VeVe is $OMI — Which is now trading on Bitforex and Bimax.

OMI is a utility token which can be used to buy digital collectibles in the VeVe app both in the Store and secondary market. Whenever a purchase takes place on the VeVe platform, whether is it be fiat or token, an equivalent amount of OMI is burnt and removed from circulation, thus a deflationary model.

Then a percentage of those purchases goes into buybacks to top up the various wallets used by the VeVe app.

For thos interested you can learn more about the OMI token here:
Token metrics

Later in the year we will be bring in additonal utility features such as staking, which will offer the staker various rewards, such as early access to collectible drops, etc

Patrice: Nice! How about the team? How big is it now and where are they located at?

Daniel: Now that VeVe is live and doing thousands of sales, we have a rapidly growing team! Currently around 25 people including developers and creatives. One person of note is Al Kahn.

Alfred is responsible for a little known brand called Pokemon (you may have heard of it..) as well as many other brands, and has been instrumental in helping Ecomi secure these world leading brands. We are very honoured to have Al onboard for the past 3 years as SVP of Global Licensing.

Patrice: Yes of course! Big name in the licensing world.

Daniel: Yes, and he’s also in the licensing hall of fame.

Patrice: That’s awesome! AMARoomers it’s your time to ask. Send those questions ☺️ That is awesome! now AMARoomers, send away your questions 🙂

Community AMA

Q: Should we be looking forward to more exciting brand, artist and partnership announcements from you guys as this would help a lot in attracting new users to your platform or you have other things which you focus more on at the moment that you would like to share with us?

Daniel: Absolutely — VeVe has secured over 100+ world leading brands which we will be rolling out over the coming years
Brands include: DC Collectibles, Ghostbusters, Harley Quinn, Batman, Superman, tokidoki, Back to the Future, Jurassic park, Monster Hunter, Ultraman, Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, Star Trek and many more.

Q: Why do people have to choose and joined ECOMI over others and what are the advantages for us ?
Who is the biggest competitor in the field, in your opinion?

Daniel: For us it’s all about the collector experience. So rather offering just a place to buy and sell, whihc VeVe has, it’s also about doing fun things with your collectibles. and enjoying the collectible process

Q: Is there any difference between making a purchase with OMI and Fiat probably in terms of Fees to be paid or which one would you recommend? #ECOMIAMAroom”

Daniel: Well, OMI may go up in price, fiat will stay as is, so I know what I would choose haha

Q: Mostly entertainment business products fit for NFTs. I wonder what other areas Ecomi aims to be marketplace for their NFTs. Could you tell more about vision?

Daniel: I can’t elaborate too much, however I can say that VeVe is a platform with enables many types of digital assets whther that be 3D digital collectibles, 2D artworks, and other types of digital content which we’ll be rolling out this year

Q: What role do you think #ECOMI plays in increasing the adaptability of the blockchain on the global stage? How #ECOMI solves Interoperability problem?

Daniel: Adapability is a core focus — blockchain / token facilitates various parts of the product and we try to keep thing automated for mainstream users for higher adoption — this is crucial to penetrate into the mass markets

Q: What are your major goals to achieve in the next 3–4 years? What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption? How do ECOMI elevate crypto participants’ understanding about project?

Daniel: Be the market leader in the premium licensed digital collectibles space. We are already gaining massive adoption, and plan to continue this by improving the product people already love

Q: what are the ways that ECOMI generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?

Daniel: The OMI token has increased 6000% so I’d say we’re heading towards a win-win 🙂

Q: Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How do ECOMI manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token?

Daniel: The value of token is nothing if there is no product to use the token with. So continuing to build out the product offering and expand the utility use case is our goal

Q: Can we buy digital collections in-store through the VE-VE app and how does Ecomi offer revenue to intellectual property owners for digital collections?

Daniel: Correct — you can purchase VeVe digital collectibles directly in the app, via the Store. As for licensor revenue, it’s a simple royalty split

Q: Crypto market is the most competitive place, How will @ecomi compete with its competitors and how will keep increasing the growth of @ecomi? What’s your future road map about that

Daniel: I believe we have a product that is already ahead in terms of product offering and functionality, and we are aggressively expanding on this to remain a market leader in our sector

Q: How critical do you consider the interoperability between the ecosystems to be to the future of blockchain technology and how is Ecomi paving the way to that future?

Daniel: Ultimately the future will be interoperable. However this may take some years to develop and organisation become for familiar and trusting of blockchain

Q: Are all assets in ECOMI Project insured? Is ECOMI platform trully accurate, reliable, complete & faster forecasts to identify relevant information for crypto investments decisions?

Daniel: We just sell digital collectibles — identifying investment opprtunity is up to the user 🙂

Q: I interested in OMI but I have a question When exactly will OMI have utility? Just bought an NFT from Veve with fiat. I understand the tokens get burned and become more scarce with time, but being burned isn’t a use case. I’m seeing comments that “eventually” they’ll be used for purchasing nfts, but Economi’s own writings on their tokenomics claim that OMI is necessary to interact with the Veve platform which seems to be false atm unless I’m unaware of some background process that’s happening. Can you explain?

Daniel: You can learn more about the token here:
Token metrics

And remember, participating in OMI is 100% your decision

Q: How do you actually think the ECOMI team can overcome all the regulations that countries have around NFTs, Do you plan to cover the whole market or focus only on a certain group of countries?

Daniel: There are very few regulations around NFTs, so this is not really a concern.

Q: Hi Dan,

Will there be rewards for completing collectible sets?

Also, is the master collector program still in works?

Dan: There will likely be rewards and easter eggs when collecting sets — and Yes! Master Collector Program is coming 🙂

Closing Remarks

Patrice: Wow! thank you for answering almost all of the questions. I think that’s a wrap! Please invite them to your socials and groups 🙂

Daniel: Thanks so much @cryptopatsu for hosting me today 🙏

Patrice: Appreciate your time! 🙂

Daniel: For thos wanting to follow along, and not miss out on our digital collectible drops, head over to

Patrice: And again they can buy $OMI in BitForex and Bimax if they want to start using VeVe.

Got it! give them a follow on Twitter too at

To join in on the discussion feel free to join our group @amaroom



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