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Mobiepay AMA with Brandon Burgason and Roman Tsarovsky

Introduction AMA

Eric: Ok we are ready to go! Welcome, @mobieceo @KieranG and @bradleytownsend from Mobie!

Brandon: Hey @ERCSU Thanks so much much for having us! Great to be here 🙂

Kieran: 🤓🦄👋

Eric: So we would like to start with getting to know the people behind the project. So please tell us your roles in the project, your past careers, and how you discovered crypto

Bradley: I have been working closely with mobie for over a year heading up the Business development side of the project and leading the partnerships.

My background is in growth and business development with extensive business acumen, I have built an impressive network of both C-level executives and notable grass-roots thought leaders. I leverage these to strengthen the presence of new and running projects, supporting short term growth for sustainable long term development. Some of the latest projects I have advised are Ferrum, Orion, Geeq, and Gather.

I was introduced to Brandon mid 2019 via a mutual friend of ours, after digging into how much Brandon and the other C levels had built I wanted to get involved, later that year myself and Brandon met in person in Bali and I have been involved with Mobie ever since.

Brandon: My name is Brandon Burgason and I am the Founder & CEO of Mobie. I have been building this project for 2 years with our team. I am a Serial Entrepreneur with extensive C-level experience in oil and gas, trading, fintech, and financial services.

I got into crypto initially to fix the music business and wrote my first paper in 2017. My passion is fixing problems and when I learned about crypto my life changed with the possibilities.

Bradley: as for how I discovered crypto, it was mid-2016 and I got involved like many others, had a close friend always talking about it, decided to buy some ETH, lost money, didn’t look at accounts till March 2017, and decided I would look into everything a bit further, left my full-time job mid-2017 to pursue blockchain full-time, both as an investor and working alongside some projects

A close friend that actually talked me into it isn’t involved in the space at all anymore and actually never explored what it was

Kieran: I’ve been with mobie since late 2018, so over 2 years now, and head up the growth and community side of the brand.

I’ve been in the space since 2017 fully but dabbled before due to being a gamer and a daft online poker player for more hours than I dare admit. I never was good at either. 😂

I progressed into crypto due to the crossover with digital gold in wow and Csgo skins. It was a case of an easy to understand and adopt thing.

Eric: very interesting crypto origin stories

so @mobieceo what is Mobie?

Brandon: MobiePay is a Universal Payments & Rewards ecosystem that allows you to spend or send fiat or digital currency anywhere in the world from your mobile phone.

We are bridging the gap between everyday transactions and cryptocurrency.

We are a mainstream fintech company with real business models and a unique user adoption strategy for both crypto enthusiasts and mainstream businesses and partners.

Eric: what is the state of the product development right now?

Brandon: We have been building for 2 years bootstrapped, building, and a robust suite of products. Our backend and web product are completely built with only a limited number of features enables. We are finalizing testing or our US banking and custody and retailer POS integration and will be launching our mobile wallet in Jan of 2021. Everything is built, just fine-tuning so we can come out with a bang and onboard our partner’s user base immediately

Eric: so tell us about the token, what does it do?

Bradley: one major utility of MBX in fact cashback and rewards with a tiered staking system in place

As for speaking more broadly on utility, the utility remains a lot within the anchors connected to fiat, Mobie must match the amount of fiat being transacted cross border to enable settlements in realtime in different jurisdictions. MBX is used to collateralize the exchange between Crypto and Fiat or vise versa to enable payments with any of the products, EG currency exchange, real-world payments, and global payroll

Eric: Interesting. so tell us about the token. is it now trading? where can people buy it?

Bradley: Currently we are live on bithumb, launched 10 hours ago actually

Eric: Wow. nice.

@KieranG Can you tell us about your partners on the big launch of the product?

Kieran: Well at present we have many Ndas in place that are restricting us from directly mentioning or referring to them, however, if some members of the community may like to head to our website and view our decks, they can check out the various brands that we are closely aligned with at this time

That’s all I can say!

Eric: So tech-wise, what sets Mobie apart from competitors @mobieceo?


Kieran: 👀👀👀

Brandon: Let’s just say, our partnerships are some of the most well known and we provide tremendous value to them and we obtained these partners us our IP and patent pending process with is our secret sauce that no one else can do.

Kieran: I’ll add that we ask you to keep your eyes peeled for some announcements to come as we align ourselves with, and bring a few to the public eye from the Blockchain world.

Brandon: Biggest difference with us is our mainstream partnership and incentive for those with large user bases as we share our revenue with them from the users they refer to our ecosystem. One partnership alone can bring 200k active monthly users. Another has the potential to bring a 7 figure user base. These are mainstream users.

Eric: ok so I will open the floor for community questions. AMA room fam, please get ready!

Community AMA

Q: Mobie’s goal is to open the door for billions of non-crypto users worldwide & allow them to use the currency on a daily basis. What steps are you currently taking to make this possible? Is your interface designed to help encourage rapid adoption?

A: We are making this possible by our model with offers incentives to users, partners, and merchants to use our platform. It’s easier, faster, and cheap and provides a reward for everyone in the ecosystem. It is all about user adoption. There are great projects, but without users, they are nothing. We have a real business with real revenue models

Q: The Stellar blockchain is a good choice for a payment system. Just a thought, aren’t you worried that there are more traffic and attention towards the ETH ecosystem instead of Stellar?

A: There is certainly a lot of attention one ETH, but it doesn’t make sense to build on a system that doe snot meet our needs, High fees, Slow, unpredictable at the best of times.

Stellar has all the needs for a payment system, 10,000 transactions for the cost of a penny, and settles in 2–5 seconds.

Q: Today, Loyalty projects have not been successful so far basically because the friction between consumer-crypto-business is terrible, in addition to terrible tokenomics. How MobiePay strongly arouse investor and consumer appetite?

A: Agreed. Most projects are one trick pony’s with no real business model or very limited that relies on a fee or large spreads that are passed on to the user. This not sustainable. We are focused on the mainstream user and offer more products in place.

Q: How are you going to support the most popular cryptocurrencies and assets on Stellar blockchain?

A: We are an off-chain solution and will be interacting directly with different blockchain in a plug and play model. Not directly on Stellar.

Q: What partnership has MobiePay made with global payment processing platforms? How do you intend to grow your userbase and create awareness globally?

A: There will be many incentives for running once our mobile apps are out of the final extensive beta testing occurring now. Keep up to date by following us on Twitter or by tracking our announcement channel.

Q: Security of Funds is a very important factor! So How much secure Mobie_Pay wallet is? Is there any pin/password protection for the wallet?

A: The mobie wallet has Authentication processes in place to enable you to have security over your funds as well as peace of mind that you are safe with the added layer supplied by stellar and it’s inbuilt trust lines processes and kyc.

Q: In the end, what market share is MobiePay targeting? What regions of the world are you focused on and do you want to target later?

A: We going aftermarket share of the mainstream consumer, millennials, and gamers.

Q: Do you plan to include conversion to local currencies or enable the use of one or more stablecoins?

A: Yes we do, in fact, we are currently integrating over 130 fiat currencies and building our in-app currency exchange, allowing our users to convert currency in-app, fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, fiat to fiat, crypto to crypto

Q: In this Crowded Blockchain World What makes MobiePay different from other projects?

A: Agreed. We are a mainstream fintech company that bridges the gap to Crypto. All the projects are very crypto-focused which is a small demographic of the world.

Q: I saw many people said that NFTs are the next ‘Trend’. I also saw some use-cases of NFTs in the crypto space. How do you think about the evolution of NFTs in crypto space and the real world?

A: We are in talks with a few NFT projects to be their fiat gateways, Brandon will add more onto this.

Q: Security of Funds is a very important factor! So How much secure Mobie_Pay wallet is? Is there any pin/password protection for a wallet

A: Pin, password, 2fa, and other security measures being implemented/

We are working with our banking and custodial partners on a unique solution, we currently offer insurance on USD in the US since mobie acts as a bank account and we are working on a global fiat and crypto solution with our partners.

Q: Which types of Industries & userbase your project is mainly focusing on? Do you plan to establish partnerships with local cryptocurrency developers in each country to make the use of the token more global?

A: Great question. We are focusing on Gaming, the Global Gig economy, and Network marketing for major of the world as our solution provider for unique benefits to them. These the biggest markets in the world and will bring us a massive user base. Long term will be focusing on the unbanked.

Q: Can you list 1–3 killer features of Mobiepay that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

A: 1 — In app market place with global retailers
2 — Global fiat and crypto mass send features
3 — Our patent pending IP that enables us to secure leading partnerships our competitors can’t.

Q: Honestly, what do you guys think about crypto ‘investors’? We aren’t necessarily stakeholders/hold equity but we can be very demanding and sometimes hostile. Is this one of the reasons why the team goes ‘dark’ sometimes?

A: I love it, nothing like being held accountable.

Q: To be able to pay using MobiePay, it is necessary that the seller is an affiliate of the platform? Is it possible to use MobiePay anywhere as if it were a debit card that is accepted worldwide?

A: Absolutely. Our merchant gateway will allow for the bank, ACH, debit, and crypto payments. Our solution allows for everything on the accepted payment. Further, a merchant can accept crypto without market risk which fixed a huge problem as we instantly exchange the crypto into fiat and settle instantly in the back end. Great user experience.

Q: Do you plan to develop the use of ePOS in the current market conditions? What are the main steps you wish to take in the near future to extend the adoption of ePOS?

A: Absolutely, it is already built and working on our private beta nowQ: Does MOBIE PAY have a plan to promote, raise awareness, and understanding in the community so that more people get to know MOBIE PAY?

A: Through our affiliate program. More info coming soon. We are very excited about this.

Q: Can you explain more about the Mobie Pay E-commerce Marketplace? What is the process of buy and sell? What is the medium of payment? What products are available to buy and sell?

A: We have built an in app store, with one-touch payments in fiat and crypto with inventory management in the app were merchants can list products.

Q: What are the uniqueness of Mobiepay offers other competitors of yours do not? give me 3 reasons why I should choose Mobiepay?

A: Fiat and crypto payments, Quick transactions, and 0 fees.

Q: Hey Guys, Is MobiePay looking at tapping into the Defi space?

A: We have some key things to share on our ideas to support this and they are coming soon.

We are speaking with several leaders in the space for future integrations into mobie as well as a hybrid wallet with some defi features of its own.

Q: Paypal and others are currently outdated and expensive, & decent options are emerging. What are the market strategies that MobiePay will use to dominate the market for payment methods?

A: Providing fasting, cheaper, and multiple options.

Q: Is Mobiepay have any Referral system in their exchange! if yes, then what’re the benefits you provide for referring someone?

A: Yes we have a referral program for both users and merchants, if a user refers a merchant or another new user they will receive cashback rewards or other incentives from spending and payments via that user or merchant.

Q: Mobie is being developed as a mutually beneficial payment system to help consumers & merchants integrate crypto into their everyday transactions, however only a small % of people trade crypto because of the lack of confidence in them as a true currency alternative. How do you aim to push crypto adoption into the mainstream so that more people can use your payment system?

A: We don’t only facilitate for crypto, we facilitate Fiat currency as well

Closing Remarks

Eric: Ok so that’s a wrap! Please invite the community where to track future developments.

@bradleytownsend you can do the honors?

Bradley: Heres our socials to keep up to date

Oh and you can see us trading here

Eric: Thanks @mobieceo @bradleytownsend @KieranG for dropping by and telling us about Mobie!

Bradley: Appreciate everyone’s time today, it’s just crossed midnight here and my son will be up in 5 hours, but if you have any more questions feel free to send me a DM or join our community and tag me

Brandon: Thanks so much for having us! Hope to come back soon and talk more about some great partnerships and updates with everyone

To join in on the discussion feel free to join our group @amaroom



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