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MobiFi with Yudi Xu

Brief Information

MobiFi is the financial orchestrator for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). It provides a transparent platform with a tokenized payment system to connect mobility service providers and travellers. Its unique DeFi bridge revives your mobility credit and turns it into a yield engine.

Introduction AMA

Patrice: Welcome to the AMA Room @xyd945 🤗 How are you? Where are you logging in?

Yudi: Hi everyone. Thanks for inviting me to this AMA @cryptopatsu Doing great, in the Netherlands.

Patrice: Oh wow!

Yudi: Very rare sunny day in the winter today.

Patrice: Haha must be pretty nice day to be out.

Yudi: For sure.

Patrice: I see why you have your sunnies on 😜

Yudi: You don’t have those days a lot in NL

Patrice: We got plenty of that here! Haha. So to start, please introduce yourself. Background and how you got to be in the crypto space 🙂

Yudi: Sure. My name is Yudi, live in The Netherlands. Business informatics background from Utrecht University. Working as a data scientist and then IT CTO advisor in Shell headquarter.

My first time with crypto was actually in my university class. My classmate was sitting next to me and doing some stock trading. And I ask him, what stock are you trading, he told me …. bitcoin. That was in early 2014.

My first blockchain project is with Hedera hashgraph, I am a fan of that haha. I am also the MVP of Hedera, and the ambassador in NL.

Patrice: Cool! Could you share how you thought of or conceptualized Mobifi? Curious if this guy is ultra rich now, rekt, or both 😂

Yudi: That’s actually from the Dutch mobility hackaton I won in 2019. So we proposed an idea, a new Park and ride idea to solve the mobility challenge in the city, and we won the 1st place.

Of course , mobifi now offers much more than that. It opens a wide door for trandtional business to enter DeFi with our corda bridge

Patrice: WOW! Belated but congrats! Can you tell us more about Mobifi, what it does and what it can offer.

Yudi: We are building the first Corda bridge to the DeFi world that opens a gate for massive opportunities from the traditional businesses. For MobiFi — you can consider it as the future “paypal”, it turns your transportation card into a yield engine. You can use your investment fund to buy bus tickets.

Plus it links all the mobility services with its payment functionalities to create a more sustainable mobility future.

Patrice: Sounds interesting! is this positioned to be utilized in all countries? how about regulatory limitations?

Yudi: Good questiosn, defintely it’s a global product.

Patrice: This is perfect for travellers! Nice!

Yudi: So we have two parts:

The Bridge and DeFi part, that will be open souced. so everyone is free to use. anywhere in the world. you can stake to earn reward by running a bridge node, or you can invest in the defi product through us.

2nd part is: the mobility part, where it’s built on Corda. It’s the most adopted permissioned ledge by all banks, insruance, big corporates, Like ING banks, Nasdaq, etc.

Open souce doesn’t limit us to offer service in anywhere in the world. Working with a well-adopted DLT solution make sure we are compliant with all the regulations in the financial world.

Patrice: Can you explain more on how you can earn and invest as an individual user?

Yudi: Yes
On one side, we will let the bridge fee go directly to the node runner/stakers, we will do the bridge in a fully decentralized way. Moreover, The bridge between Corda and the Ethereum/polkadot network has a burning mechanism. That’s mean the total MobiFi token will decrease over time.

on the other side, our mobility user can actually use their mobility credit (think of your transportation card credit) to join pools to invest in DeFi product to earn profit. like Compound, AVVE, those will all be supported

Even, we have partners will be offering a data market where our user can “sell” their mobility data and earn more money

Patrice: Very nice. didn’t know this was possible as most DeFi products have limitations. Please tell us more about the tokens. What’s it called and its utilities.

This is very cool!! So if I have funds left in my transpo cards, which usually just sit there btw, I can actually invest it?

Yudi: We are still deciding the token symbol, haha, will announce soon 😉 now let’s call it MobIFi Token, people can swap it to the internal corda token (SMile) to purchase bus ticket for example. Or basically investing in all kinds of DeFi product as they want. They can stake or providing liquidity pool, or get rewards by running nodes for the Corda bridge.

Yes, of course, you will be using our digital mobilit wallet in the future 😉

We have onboarded some public tranporation operator to run PoC. so it’s going well. and it will happen for sure.

Patrice: Nice! Can you already share its UI? Would love to see a sneak peek. only if available 😃

Yudi: Let me try to find …

This one is what we built during the F10 fintech incubation program but it doesn’t have the DeFi swap feature yet. We will be releasing a new version that has it of course.

Patrice: Neat! When are you launching? And any important events or developments happening in the next 3 months?

Yudi: Try our best to have a testFlight in Q1, but these week peole are so busy with our token launchign and IDO stuff…. I will keep you guys updated.

Next 3 months, for sure!!! We and planning the PoC now.

Patrice: Speaking of people, how many people currently are in your team now?

Yudi: Currenly the core team consists of 3. It’s me, Toon, and Vishal. but we will be onboarding a very experience Corda engineer and a polkadot guru soon.

Patrice: When is IDO?

Yudi: May I ask everyone to join our AAN and stay tuned for the announcement hahhah

Patrice: Of course!

Yudi: Of course, I didn’t count all the business team. There are more guys are working together of course.

Community AMA

Q: While going through your whitepaper, I discovered that you have two different tokens which are SMile and Mofi, if you don’t mind telling us the reason behind your Dual token strategy and how these tokens differ from each other? #MobiFiAMAroom

Yudi: So the dual token strategy is very necessary.

First of all, the big coproeates don’t like all the crypto unstablness. price changes are not acceptable. So we need a stable, contrllable token to let user purchase mobility servies. Also, you need to be compliant with local regulations. A corda internal token is more suitable for this.

The MObifi token is the key to the DeFi and crypto world. that’s why our bridge, to basically link up the regulated, traditional business, let those huge fund and demand enter the DeFi world. I think this is also one of the reasons that Bitcoin raised a lot since last year. Big player joined the party.

In the long run, if public blokchain is more acceptable. and the price is stable enough to be used as payment. We can probably change it to one token stratefgy, only with Mobifi token.

Q: It’s a known fact that when demand is high price will go up, so what strategies will you adopt to help increase the demand for Mofi token? How do you intend to monitize the token so as to make it worth holding for long term?


MobiFi token is the key to open a wide financial world (DeFi) for our mobility industry (which is $1000+ billion market, I think it’s maybe more).

On one side, we will let the bridge fee go directly to the node runner/stakers, we will do the bridge in a fully decentralized way. Moreover, The bridge between Corda and the Ethereum/polkadot network has a burning mechanism. That’s mean the total MobiFi token will decrease over time. That means…. MobiFi to the moon ;-)

On the other side, the huge growing mobility market will increase the demand of MobiFi TOKEN, which will increase the price in the long run. Also, in order to purchase mobility services, the MoFi TOKEN will be burnt by purchasing mobility service. The the price will go nowhere but to the moon, lol.

Our token business model ensure the prices will go up the long run.

I saw another question ask about how we make money. To be honest, we don’t make money from the crypto world. We only contribute in the crytpo world. 😄

Our revenue will come from the mobility service industry, so peole need to travel, and they will purchase services through our payment system, we take a very low flat fee for that

Patrice: Will you not get revenue from enterprises and transpo companies?

Yudi: Yes, that’s right, the transaction fee will be coming from those service provider. Of course, they will charge that from their end user. A small fraction.

Patrice: Sorry misunderstood. So yes, you will be having income stream from the mobile service side.

Yudi: That’s right.

Our corda bridge will be open sourced, and we will let the node to be run by community members. all transaction fee from the bridge will go to node runner and stakers.

One thing to note though, not only we are using this bridge for our mobility product. actually a lot other projects (like those banks), they can use our bridge to jump into the DeFi world as well. That’s how we contribute to the crypto space, to bring really big elephant.

Q: Who are the @mobi_fi project’s biggest competitors and how does your offering differ from theirs?

Yudi: Thanks for picking a question for me.

I think the transit protocol you meant the tranditional transportaion system? We don’t compete directly with them, we help them solve problem.

In terms of competitors. we ran an analysis during the incubation program. mostly focus on the mobility and pyament industry

In the crypto world, we are probably the 1st one to create the Corda bridge, we are super early and unique. It’s gonna be an open source tool anyway,

Q: What do you think is the biggest problem Your project will solve which is not solved by other projects and why is the problem important to solve?

Yudi: Simple answer will be, we get the big corporate onboard, and make the DeFi bigggggger. Just like what Tesla did to bitcoin.

Closing Remarks

Patrice: And that’s a wrap! 💪 Can you please invite them to your socials or groups? Where can they find you guys?

Yudi: MobiFi — the future “paypal” that turns your transportation card into a yield engine💰

We are building the first Corda bridge to the DeFi world that opens a gate for massive opportunities from the traditional businesses.

👉 Learn More
(👉 ( $2.6 MILLION raised in Private Sale

(✅JOIN US to find out the date of PUBLIC SALE:

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Pls join our channel, big news about IDO and more will be announced soon

Patrice: Exciting days and months ahead! That’s it for today’s AMA guys! Thank you so much to our guest @xyd945 and for everyone who tuned in and participated. Stay tuned for the winners and how you can claim your prizes 🧡

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too

Yudi: cheers, thanks @cryptopatsu

Patrice: Pleasure to have you. Cheers and enjoy your sunny day 🙂

To join in on the discussion feel free to join our group @amaroom




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