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Pandora with Pushkar Vohra

Brief Information

Pandora envisions the transaction of real-world assets on the trustless platform in a borderless economy. Their scalable, interoperable, and high throughput infrastructure allows asset owners to convert their real-world illiquid assets to a liquid state.

Introduction AMA

Patrice: Hi @pushkarrvohra 👋🏼 WELCOME TO THE ROOM!! How are you?

Pushkar: Hi @cryptopatsu ! Nice to be here. thanks for inviting. I am good.

Patrice: We’re thrilled to have you! 🙂

Pushkar: Pleasure is all mine.

Patrice: Please introduce yourself, your background and how you got into the crypto space 🙂

Pushkar: Hi everyone, Pushkar Vohra here. I am the CEO and Founder of Pandora Finance. In the past, I have worked vastly on DeFi projects with various organisations like EthLend, BlocksLab, zTips etc.

Patrice: Nice! may I know the first coin you ever bought?

Pushkar: I got into the crypto space in 2017 and co founded Blockslab. Later, I worked with EthLend (now AAVE), which gave me wide exposure to the crypto industry. I helped many different defi projects to get their product launch through Blockslab. I has to be Bitcoin, right.

It is 😃

Patrice: Hahaha has to be everyone’s. Very in-depth defi background there! Can you tell us what Pandora is and what it aims to contribute in the ecosystem?

Pushkar: Ok. There are more than 300 trillion dollars of illiquid assets. Including digital art work NFTs.

Our goal is to provide the bridge for them to get on-chain and make it liquid via DeFi. In short, we at Pandora, our goal is to bring liquidity in the illiquid market through Open Finance.

Technically, Pandora is a middle-layer solution for the NFT market, which sits on top of the base layer. And different dapps can be built by using this middle layer solution. Yeah

Patrice: Why did you name it Pandora btw before I get to my other questions 😃

Pushkar: Good one. We named it ,Pandora because this product is unique and revolutionary in the DeFi Space. What we are doing in the NFT ecosystem is also unique, i.e bringing liquidity in the NFT ecosystem, which will give the best price of any assets.

And just like Pandora’s box, it will amaze all of us I am sure.

Patrice: I can see it now 😉 the product is pretty unique. are you a cross-chain solution? and what chains do you support right now?

Pushkar: Yes, our solution is the cross-chain. We are going to release our product on BSC as of now but in longer term we will be on Polkadot via parachain as well.

Patrice: Awesome!! Please do tell us more about PiNFT? How does it work?

Pushkar: Pi NFT stands for “Pandora Insured NFTs“. It is complex to explain here. but it is amazing how this version of NFTs can bring liquidity to the space. Concept is a vertical innovation and will revolutionize.

Nothing in detail has been released as of now, but to start with please have a in detail read of.

We will release full technical details soon.

Patrice: We will release full technical details soon.

Pushkar: We are team of seven and few adding this month.

Patrice: You all must be tied! and are you all located in one place?

Pushkar: Yeah, to bring product to the table is a tiring and tough job but motivation and culture in the team is great.

Patrice: Last question before we open the community, Can you specify what real world assets are the best use cases for Pandora?

Pushkar: We aren’t fixing which asset to put on Pandora. We are open , decentralized protocol where any one can create NFT of any kind of assets. But from our roadmap prospective, we are coming up with digital assets like digital art NFTs onboarding first, followed by real-world assets.

Patrice: Got it! 🙂

Community AMA

Q: How will you make the UI user friendly that anyone can use it?

Pushkar: We are on top of it 😊

Q: How Pandora empower investors, companies, developers, and its users to deliver impactful solutions and bring value to global people?

Pushkar: We have lucrative tokenomics structure which empower decentralization and adoption

Q: How do you build a future that will make you more advanced?
NFT, Staking, Farming … Very in demand in the crypto space, many projects come and create amazing at different creations. How do Pandora compete with them and what are your hopes for the future?

Pushkar: Yes, staking, farming and other innovation are lined up at Pandora. We are committed to innovation around the NFT ecosystem. And in the longer run Pandora will operate via DAO structure which makes the whole governance process smooth.

Q: From your website , we can submit problem, suggestion, idea or bug report and get reward, where we can submit that?

Pushkar: Please join our telegram group for same

Q: Vast majority of Crypto projects are built just for the sole purpose of amassing wealth for themselves. So, I want to know the value you aim to add to crypto industry that will bring greater abundance to the industry?

Pushkar: When innovation is on the plate and team worked hard to deliver the product before raising a single penny! Wealth is a bi-product. We believe in what we are doing and commited.

Q: I believe that a product is useless without users, can you tell us how you aim to attract customers to using your products once they go live? Will there be incentives for early users?

Pushkar: Yes, substantial distribution is for community and early users only

Q: How will you combine DeFi and NFTs together?

Pushkar: Via Pi NFTs

Q: As a community driven project and me a developer am interested in contributing to the project, do you have such programs?

Pushkar: We are launching a bug bounty program very soon. Stay tuned to our announcement channel. We have a plan for this.

Q: What is your strategy to deal with the rapidly changing economy in the field of cryptocurency? how Pandora can survive the current situation and the future?

Pushkar: Elon Musk way : keep Innovating

Q: NFT is the foundation for the next crypto industry trend after DeFi.
Can you share your opinion about the NFT?
Where do you see the future evolution of NFT’s features and capabilities in the coming years?
And what about Pandora in the future, what will you give or show in the future?

Pushkar: It is going to rule this decade and innovation has just started. We are in early stages

Closing Remarks

Patrice: And that’s a wrap! Thanks @pushkarrvohra 😊
Btw, when is mainnet? And please do share exciting news for the next 30 days for Pandora 🤩

Pushkar: We are going mainnet post testnet launch which is coming soon. Box is yet to open. Stay tuned

Patrice: Niiice!! Please do invite them to your groups and socials 🙂

Pushkar: And please join our telegram channel for that I am sure it is going to be a great journey together. Please join : @pandoraprotocol

Patrice: Glad to have you guys here this early!! Good luck and thank you once again @pushkarrvohra 🚀

Pushkar: Thank you @cryptopatsu. It is a great interaction or AMA

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