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Zencex AMA with Sean Noga and Martin Granstrom

Brief Introduction

A new class of digital asset exchange that provides global traders and retail investors with access to exciting blockchain projects through the combined functionality of a secure CEX, DEX, AI-driven social sentiment indicators and Binance-level liquidity: all in one seamless user experience.

Introduction AMA

Eric: Welcome @NamasteCryptocurrency @grvlle and @Cryptfaux

Martin: Hey Eric. Thank you for having us!

Sean: Thanks, Eric. Pleasure to meet everyone!

FauxFire: Hey Everyone, it is fantastic to be here!

Eric: Joining us today is the crew of @zencexofficial. To kick things off, please tell us about your background and how you came to discover crypto.

Martin: My name is Martin Granström and I’m a full-stack developer and the CTO at ZEN. I’m also a Gentoo and Golang enthusiast, and an huge advocate of suckless programming ( 😂

Most recently I was managing a team of DevOps as well as a SaaS deployed on kubernetes in AWS, intended for active network monitoring and synthetic traffic generation at Tier 1 operators. That company was recently acquired by Juniper Network and at that time all the pieces were aligned for ZEN and I had to pursue that.

I discovered crypto as part of proving a counterpart wrong in a discussion on the alternatives of the broken economic system, haha.

I’ve been active in crypto and engaged as an open-source contributor in the space for almost six years and built and designed a popular crypto wallet.

Sean: Sure thing. For myself, I have been fortunate enough to have entered crypto at a very early stage, but it wasn’t until I was in Japan post Mt. Gox that I realized that it would truly become something much bigger. To be short, from that point on, I have worked with a multitude of projects and a plethora of mandates over the years.

FauxFire: You bet! Personally I jumped in with both feet in 2017 and learned the hard way. Networking relationships have been the key to success, and community building my passion.

Eric: interesting backgrounds. so @NamasteCryptocurrency what is Zencex?

Sean: In short, ZEN is a new class of digital asset exchange that provides global traders and retail investors with access to exciting blockchain projects through the combined functionality of a secure CEX, DEX, AI-driven social sentiment indicators and Binance-level liquidity: all in one seamless user experience.

Eric: Tell us about the CEX part, what will be the features on it?

Sean: Certainly. The ZEN CEX shares Binance’s liquidity, security, and trading engines, along with having our own smart exchange ecosystem features, such as social sentiment indicators from Lunar Crush at users’ disposal. Furthermore, it is governed by a DAO, as well.

Eric: How about the DEX, whats the tech behind it and any innovation we can see there @grvlle ?

Martin: So ZEN in it’s nature is something that we refer to as an Smart Exchange Ecosystem. An Ecosystem because it’ll allow for modularity in terms of the liquidity that we interact with and the products launched ontop of it.

One of the modules introduced is cetainly the CEX part with Sean covered. The other one that we’re looking to introduce is a module for interacting with decentralized cross-chain liquidity.

We have entered a partnership that is not yet publicly disclosed, which will let us tap into the biggest offering in available tokens to date in a decentralized format.

Eric: oh interesting so dex liquidity into the cex. @NamasteCryptocurrency or @Cryptfaux tell us about the token

Martin: Yes, in a way. Consider it as modules operating individually under the same umbrella. With a familiar and easy to use UI/UX feel. Like an exchange operating system if you will. 😊

Sean: Given ZEN is an ecosystem that will only continue to grow, this will also lend itself to the ever increasing utility of ZCX. Token utility is everything for us, and having a sound, fair and deflationary tokenomics to go with it is key. At launch, the token will be pre-integrated with the platform and offer up discounts on trading fee’s when held in the exchange wallet. It will also be leveraged for:

*Exchange Governance

*Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking

*Direct Access to Angel Investment Incubator

We will elaborate on these and many more unique pieces of token utility as they’re realized on our platform.

Eric: Is there a token burn component to it and cheaper fees? like BNB?

Sean: Yes! — and we plan to burn even more tokens through a highly innovative system that we call multi-point buy pressure.

There will also be discounts to trading fees just like BNB

Eric: can you explain this?

Sean: Happy to. Multi-point distributed buy pressure means that percentages of MM contracts, recurring incubator treasury, listing fees / trading fees, etc all go towards burning and vaulting of ZCX, adding multifaceted buy pressure

Eric: @NamasteCryptocurrency What can you tell us about the regulatory compliance effort for Zen?

Sean: Regulatory compliance is something that is extremely important to us. We are based out of Singapore currently as a business and are also pursuing active licensure in Liechtenstein, as well.

Eric: the CEX is a very saturated space. what is your marketing strategy @Cryptfaux ?

FauxFire: The ability to have highest liquidity in crypto space thanks to Binance Cloud will allow us front run other exchanges who struggle to gain liquidity. This coupled with the capability of adding quality projects quickly to the exchange will set us apart!

Eric: Excellent. Now lets move on to the community questions! AMAROOMERS please ready your questions!

Community AMA

Q: Collaboration are one of the targets to making exchanges more popular ,Can Zencex share some of the partnerships you have formed with existing blockchain foundations recently?

Martin: At ZEN we’re very focus at only locking in partnerships with deep meaning and clear mutual benefits. I say this because we’ve operated in this space for a long time.

One of our partners are providing the underlying engine of the decentralized cross-chain liquidity, another provides the binance-shared liquidity (can probably guess this one).

But we also believe that social sentiment plays a huge role in crypto. So does our friends over at LunarCrush. So we’ve initiated a partnership with them to tap into their data pipelines of social sentiment and build a native integration with our platform that will cater to non-intrusive, togglable and customizable Social Sentiment indicators to help traders with their trading decisions.

There are others as well that we’re not fully ready to announce yet. So stay tuned for those. 😊

Q: What are the trading options you provide on Zencex Exchange presently, and What future services do you plan?

Fauxfire: Trading options will be an evolving piece, but I can share that out of the gate we will be focusing on high liquidity, quality projects, and the Defi and Polkadot protocols.

Q: Usually the project only tells about their strengths. Can you tell us honestly about the weaknesses of your project? And what are your plans to solve it?

Martin: I love this question!

From a technical perspective there’s always a challenge to abbreviate the complexities of interacting with the engines while also aligning with module specific settings and components.

But I’m feeling confident that our path is the right one.

Q: What risk management policies do you use to protect the investments and credits provided by the platform? How do #Zencex really ensure that there is a backup base to rely on in the face of any situation

Martin: We’re leveraging Binance Cloud infrastructure to run and maintain the CEX module. That means that we also inherit their security and performance.

Q: You organized an AMA session very rewarding and received a lot of questions related to utilities and technology, future vision, …
So now I want to ask what do you want to receive from the community?

Fauxfire: This is a fantastic question! From the community side- want the opportunity to earn your trust..More than anything else. This is a quickly evolving space and we are working day and night to bring you something special that has not existed previously, and we will do it with transparency and integrity.

Q: Each project has interesting stories before it is created. So can you tell people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like yours?

Sean: I love this question. In short, I have worked with exchanges at the highest levels, and I have come to realize that we are in a position to really give back to people with ZEN.

Put simply, its about truly empowering people to have financial freedom by giving them access to things they wouldn’t normally have like carefully curated angel investment deals, listings with a clear market making strategy, providing holistic post listing support, which helps projects and investors alike, and democratizing the feedback of the community to continually improve the exchange in all facets, from the UI to the actual roadmap.

Above all, its about truly demonstrating the altruism Bitcoin first gave us in the most transparent of ways

Q: What is the most exciting and Unique feature in #Zencex platform that can attract investors to choose your Exchange
for trading

Martin: For me, there’s no single thing. I’m proud and excited that we’re able to present a unified solution to interact with all types of liquidity while remaining fully compliant, on high liquidity while simultaneously and incrementally growing ZCX utility across the board.

I also like that we’ve managed to align with all the right people and resources in their respective domain to make this come together.

Q: Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with your project?

Sean: This is a great question too. In short, it is up to each investor to do their proper due diligence; however, I can say that we have chosen to work with the best in the industry to protect our users and investors. For instance, we spared no expense towards using the best legal structuring in Singapore and Liechtenstein, have deep experience with crafting token metrics and advisory support on our team, and have already signed with a tier one market maker to ensure that funds invested are properly used in terms of adding liquidity to the ZCX token pair.

Q: Could you please tell me just a little more about the team and some of their backgrounds? I have personally seen many projects launch with inexperienced team members, and some of those didn’t go so well due to easily avoidable mistakes.

Sean: Absolutely, Jolllyyyy. Our team is carefully selected and experienced in their areas, both on an advisory and team front. Given that Tom and I work as managing partners of Jun Capital too, we have also worked with every exchange out there (in terms of tier 1’s and 2’s) and understand this industry at a very deep level having worked with some of the best projects in this space, as well.

Fauxfire: I’m a 15yr entrepreneur and social architect for several successful startups. As CMO- I will rely fully the network I’ve been building for many years to grow this project to its full capacity. I’m blessed to be surrounded by seasoned veterans who will be a part of Zen from day one. Our advisor board is more than empty names..there are some legends among us🙏🏻

Closing Remarks

Eric: Ok so thats it for the community questions, i have some follow up questions before we wrap up.

I’ve seen your slide deck, in that there are talks of ZenX as well. Is this referring to the exchange or is this something else?

Sean: You’re absolutely right. We believe that the ZEN state of mind should extend further than the traders and also into the projects listed at ZEN Exchange. Thus, we’ve partnered with JUN Capital (and additional partners) to put together ZenX which is an incubator and accelerator for full project support both pre- and post listing. More information on this will be released soon!

Eric: Thats quite an awesome unique thing vs other cex. Please invite ppl to your telegram and twitter for further info.


We look forward to seeing you there, and will be available to answer any further questions! Thank you for this opportunity to be here @ERCSU and for the great questions🔥

Eric: Thanks guys!

Sean: Thanks, Eric and everyone!

Martin: Thank you so much, Eric. It was great being here for our first public appearance, haha. Thanks community!

To join in on the discussion feel free to join our group @amaroom



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