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Praise of lies

Nothing is more visible than what is hidden (Confucius)

You want to know who I am? If I have to answer according to my character I should be lying to you, but this time I want to make an exception and tell you the truth about who I really am.

I am the one who runs the world, who makes sure that the old institutions are still standing, that the families are still together, that the friendships are not thrown almost all in the toilet, in short, that you can still look at each other in the face.

Without me, the whole system would collapse. Imagine a world in which politicians always tell the truth, a world in which wives and husbands never tell lies, an environment in which you are forced to tell everything that goes through our heads, do you really imagine?

There would be wars, revolts, divorces, loneliness and hatred everywhere. You are not ready for a world ruled by my sister the truth. She is content with the catwalk that all of you grant her, she is always in the spotlight, and enjoys this role that you have granted her, but you know that it is as false as the whole world that you have built yourself. You do it for comfort and for the common good, you give her a place in the front row to deceive her and to make her believe that she is the first woman, but within you you know well that the real star is me, that without me you would not even have a future. She, without me, would not even exist.

You are all liars, you start lying like babies, you start with innocent lies when you scream for a little bit of hunger and you end up telling pitiful lies to get what you think gives you happiness.

You lie every day, every hour, as awake and even in your sleep, for you it is the best way to defend yourself and in this way you live.

You hide behind the fact that lying is necessary, and the more you lie the more you look brilliant and inspire confidence. You have learned to do it with art, and I gave you that art.

Lying is in your nature, it is written in your DNA. I was born with you, when you had the first need to get food or a partner. I gave you a more developed brain just to have the ability to deceive others and to have the upper hand over each other. I am the one who divided the world. Think that the sooner you can tell lies, the more intelligent you are when you are a child. The more sincere you are, the more stupid you are. I know you like me.

But my greatest work of art is when I taught you to lie to yourself, and here you have plunged into an endless abyss, to the point that you can no longer distinguish truth from lie for yourself. Of course you are doing yourselves harm, but I cannot die by revealing the secret. It would be mine and also your end.

After all, I am neutral, neither bad nor good, it is the use you make of it that can be good or bad and you have exaggerated, as always.

You have dedicated treaties and fables to me to read to your children, that of the puppet with the long nose … what is it called? Ah, yes, Pinocchio, I had a lot of fun, the find of the Trojan horse was a masterpiece but it is just another demonstration that I am the strength, the means without which no one can get the better of the other.

But do you want to know what is the apotheosis of my slow and corrosive work? That those of you who are the paladins of truth are my most faithful subjects. They have even dedicated many religions to me and made it a banner of truth when they should confess that they are the banners of the greatest of lies.

I must confess that I set myself limits to give you a more comfortable life, but you have overcome them and you have given me much more than I hoped, and you have beaten me on this.

Even what you call love, without me it could not survive.

Never forget that even sincerity can sometimes be a form of lie.

I’m going now, but maybe I’m not telling the truth…

We at The Ark Lab want to understand this mechanism thoroughly, discuss it freely among people who have no interest in lying while we are discussing. Let’s try, for once, to build relationships without the intervention of His Majesty the Lie.

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