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30 Songs to Stream Before 2022 Ends

Lorine Chia — “Through the Window Pain”

Chia gives the revolving story of heartbreak a new anthem. Singing her soul out from the core you can feel the emotion as the song builds throughout. Easily stayed on repeat and became quite the favorite from her latest project, ‘Drill & Blues.’

Austin Crute — “Golden Hour”

Matching the aesthetic of the original JVKE song, Crute accents the melody of the piano like a bright light to deliver a powerful cover to cherish similar to the love that he sings about as the subject matter.

Sabri — “Broken Promises”

Fading in with a vocal of intense feeling Sabri uncovers the ugly truth about love with such a voice to make it a memorable moment in time featured on her project ‘Actually, I Can.’

Mello Seven — “Intimate”

A song for the Afrobeats listeners, Seven finds the perfect blend of rhythm for the slow and fast paced lovers from his album ‘Wonders’ to keep the mood as intimate with the beat it’s built around.

Adam Turley — “what a relief!’

Holding true to the song’s title, Turley gives a relaxed subtle Pop ballad that can be enjoyed without the intent of being overdone with vocal placements and unneeded additional sounds that can be found on his most recent project ‘Casear’s Doomsday.’

Flwr Chyld — “Feel Your Love”

Taking things slow to put together an art piece from his ‘Luv N Chaos’ project that blooms just as his name implies, Chyld controls the tempo of the song throughout giving each section of the track the needed love.

Alex Vaughn — “Do You Ever”

The Maryland songstress poses the question that many ask but in a way only a true R&B lover could appreciate from her ‘The Hurtbook’ an album full of songs for any particular mood.

JYDN HILL — “Regrets”

The Ontario singer has a lot of regrets and channels them in true 90s fashion that gives nostalgic tones of some of that era’s greatest singers that can be heard throughout, yet HILL makes it his own in every way.

Juniper and Sango — “Tell Me”

A chemistry that you witness from the second you press play, Juniper and Sango’s textures compliment one another for the sultry bi-lingual collaboration from their joint effort ‘97.’

Mikhala Jené — “Black Love”

There are few songs that are perfectly done, however Jené found a way to craft several that makeup her groundbreaking ‘The Missing Place’ that is met to a high standard for lovers of pleasant sounds that can be found seamlessly.

Maurice Moore — “22”

When Hip-Hop is done correctly it’s rare these days, but when you pair it with a solid vocal from the artist delivering the bars it is much appreciated and the same can be said about Moore’s “22.”

Emily Vu — “You”

Owning their moment, Vu commands the Pop inspired track with hints of addictive elements to create an anthem for the teenage listener that can’t imagine their life without love and certainly the appreciation for good music taste.

Hope Tala — “Is It Enough”

Knowing that you will experience an incredible song upon playing is never promised but Tala gives more than enough to keep this offering on repeat while you enjoy your day’s tasks.

Immasoul — “Na Pa Ti”

With an assist from Hip-Hop artist Kofi, Immasoul displays just that… soul in the best way showcasing that duality is no challenge for this Caribbean artist.

Domanique Grant — “Undressing”

Slow and steady in approach, Grant bares her soul like the queen that she is as she sings on a journey to accomplish her grandest dreams that can be found scattered throughout the project ‘QUEEN/DOM’ as well.

Kennedy Rd. — “Reaching My Soul”

In a lane of her own, Kennedy Rd. brings harmony to life and basks in its existence that can be felt more than skin deep, a common theme on her latest offering ‘Waves of Love Vol. 2.’

Shae Universe — “Sit Back”

Effortlessly executed would be an understatement, Shae Universe creates a mood that helps you relax yet still provides you with all of the components of a song worthy of finding it’s way onto your daily playlist to cherish.

Lloyiso — “Speak”

If the voiceless needed a soundtrack staple Lloysio would be the choice to do it justice with quite the impactful vocal showing emotion with a simply written but candidly done masterpiece.

Joya Mooi — Tears

You will only shed tears of happiness when listening to Mooi’s soothing tones to open heartedly appreciate the talent on full array.

Joyce Wrice — Bittersweet Goodbyes

Easily producing one of the more favorable albums of the year ‘Motive,’ Wrice shines even when she is singing about goodbyes.

Rehsa — “Gone”

Have you ever heard a breakup song so well done, well Rehsa is proof that it is not a dying genre for the essence of R&B and one of its prime focuses and he does so with vividness as found on his ‘The Colour’ album.

J’Dess — “Ginger Me”

Creating a song that could conciliate even the most unstable of souls, J’Dess is the living form of honey and tea and it is just a sample of her project ‘Ada’ that released early this year that holds a special place in the heart of a core tone lover.

AYSIA — “Somebody”

What do you do when you need to move on… you turn to what you know and with Aysia that means piecing together a song to dance the night away or suitably fit for a long midnight drive to clear your head.

Siergio — “Trap Song”

There will be days you will seek a song for purpose and other times one that’ll just fill the void… thankful Siergio has a section that will feed whatever your appetite may be with his full body of work ‘Before It’s Too Late.’

Olisae — “Comfort”

Bringing a sound of love will always be comforting but making you feel it every time you press play is no easy task, something Olisae has begun to master with every new edition of music.

Kallitechnis — “I’m Not Crazy”

Standing in a familiar position numerous female vocalists have been in, Kallitechnis sees both sides of the coin and puts it in a way that will even have you second guessing who is really at fault all as featured on her ‘It’s Not Personal.’

Dashean Porter — “You Said”

Sometimes one song is all you need to set the vibe when it is created with passion and quintessence and Porter’s Afrofusion R&B track is proof of that and will have you falling in love without it being intended.

Keithian — “Go Bae”

Waiting for that one moment can seem like a lifetime but when you bring together the best production, vocals that amplify a message of longing love you create the ultimate ambience something Keithian achieved on his ‘Green Clouds’ project released earlier this year.

Ballad — “Orange”

Setting the tone for consistency while losing sleep… Ballad revisits the crying style of R&B that listeners of the genre have been missing for some time and ensures that he only gets better as time grows onward.

Kenyon Dixon — “On My Mind”

As a leading voice for men in the indie conversation, Dixon wrapped up a year of musical firsts with a deluxe offering of ‘Closer’ and shows why R&B is the soup for the soul that is always needed.

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