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Jack Powers Dominates In Latest Visual ‘Forever’

While building a solid fan base from eye popping underground performances that have surged his name via word of mouth through the club scenes from New York to Paris, Jack Powers serves vintage chatroom dominance that pings attention for the song’s catchy Electronic and Dance elements. Highlighted in galore masks that add to his mesmerizing looks, Powers unleashes a new foundation for his upcoming untitled EP that will continue to push boundaries with his heart-stopping work ethic on full display.

Courtesy of Jack Powers

“Forever is about going out and completely letting yourself go in the arms of someone you might have just met because f it, yolo. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, don’t be afraid to take a risk and definitely don’t be afraid to be yourself. The video, directed by Spencer Clark, takes you into the world of a cam boy who relays the song’s message of freedom to his dedicated audience.”

Directed by Spencer Clark the music video features Powers, as a fantasy boy, further inspiring his audience to cultivate the most celebratory feelings of self-love. Through his dance-focused web-show, Jack and a viewer (also played by Powers) go on a cathartic journey of energetic release and spiritual revelation until they finally find unification. Much like his personal ethos, the music video invites listeners to take ownership of their desires and authentic selves. “Forever” isn’t just an example of the future of what pop can be, but a vibrant expression of what’s being created in the present.

Watch ‘Forever’ video here.



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