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Matthew Arce Is ‘Saving LA’ and This is How He’s Doing It

Photo Credit: Matthew Arce

Building a brand’s image is such a delicate and journey of a process. What are key components that you suggest brands incorporate to make their brands stand out in a positive way?

One of the most exciting parts of my work is building brands. And in order to do that effectively, we need to work very closely with the client. I find it fascinating to learn about my client’s vision, why they believe in their business, and what they hope to achieve long term. My process is to take all of that information and try to visualize outside of the box. There is so much information and content being thrown our way these days; how is my client going to stop the scroll? I particularly love the challenge of creating excitement around a product or brand while staying true to the client’s core beliefs. Taking creative risks has always been a key component to our success, as well as continuing to push the envelope on what is viewed as the “standard”. Our goal is for our clients’ branding to make a bold statement while continuing to evolve over time.

In a time where the world is crumbling before our eyes, to see that social responsibility is one of the points you focus on is smashing. Why do you feel that is something company’s need to incorporate into their overall brands and what do you feel is the most effective way for them to do so when it pertains to social responsibility?

There are many issues in the world right now that need changing. And I believe that companies have a unique opportunity to have an impact on those issues, whether at a local or global level. I felt obligated to start with our home, the city of Los Angeles. And through my work with clients and our launch of the Save LA Campaign, it became clear to me that a lot of people do care and want to help others, but sometimes they don’t know the best way to go about it. My goal with the Save LA campaign was to create an easy way for people to help strengthen their communities and inspire other companies to do the same. Success is great in any capacity, but I believe that there is a responsibility that comes with it to give back to those in need and create meaningful change in the world.

Photo Credit: Matthew Arce

Knowing a few of MGA Consulting Inc.’s foundation, what inspired this idea and how and who helped it become what it is today?

If you live in Los Angeles, it’s impossible not to feel disheartened by the increase in homelessness over the years. The hard truth is people need our help. We decided we were not going to stand around anymore or move out of our city, like many Angelenos have chosen as an alternative. My goal was to come up with a creative way to align all the brands I partner with and devise a campaign that would inspire change. Making donations to charity is great, but the transactions are usually short-lived. I thought to myself, what if we could create a clothing line that when people purchased an item it not only helps to end homelessness, but it also is a symbol they can promote that represents the change we need to see in our city? That way people can still make a donation, but the addition of wearing that article of clothing can also help raise awareness while furthering the conversation.

I’m incredibly proud of what the campaign stands for and grateful for everyone involved. I would not have been able to achieve the success of Save LA without the help of Hope of the Valley, a nonprofit organization that has been fighting to end homelessness for over 15 years. This also would not have been possible without the help of my best friend and business partner, Attorney Ardy Pirnia. “Uncle” Ardy has always fought to help those in need and he and I started the Save LA campaign together. If that’s not enough, he was also generous enough to donate $200,000 of his own money in an effort to help us raise over $1 million to revamp an old motel in downtown Los Angeles. It was previously used as a hub for drugs and prostitution and is now a clean, safe haven for homeless women and children. These families will now have shelter, 24 hour security, food, daycare for their children, and mental health facilities.

I’m inspired everyday by the people around me and the incredible people on my team.

Previously working at other agencies, what did you acquire and how did it prepare you to operate MGA Consulting Inc.?

Working for previous agencies has given me all the confidence in the world to grow into the person that I am today. I’ve learned so much over the years working with a variety of different clients and brands and continue to use the tools I acquired in previous positions every day. I think it’s imperative for anyone who wants to start their own business to learn from those already in that field and to always be curious. I have been fortunate enough to have crossed paths with incredible mentors and learn from my mistakes; opportunities I would have only received from that extensive experience.

Photo Credit: Matthew Arce

Serving as CMO of Pirnia Law Group, CMO/co-owner of Hot Rod LA, and board member of The Uncle Ardy Foundation and Hope of the Valley, what can you tell us about each of the initiatives and how they play a part in “Save LA?”

In order to make meaningful change in a large city like Los Angeles, collaboration across sectors is critical. The Save LA Campaign is representative of the public and private sector coming together to tackle one of the most complex challenges that faces our city. Each organization involved is bringing an important piece of the puzzle to the table. The founder of Pirnia Law Group — Uncle Ardy — has been integral to the success of the Save LA campaign not only by donating large sums of his own money, but also by leveraging his partnerships with other large organizations to get involved as well. Hot Rod LA, which has been a historic brand born and bred in LA, launched the Save LA streetwear collection. Their extensive knowledge in apparel/streetwear has been instrumental to our successful launch.

Although Ardy and I created our own nonprofit organization — The Uncle Ardy Foundation — we also believed it would be more effective to partner with another nonprofit organization that has been in the fight to end homelessness for years. Hope of the Valley has been on this mission in Los Angeles for over a decade and their extensive experience in this line of work has helped our efforts to be much more impactful. They have been incredible partners and together I truly believe that we will continue to make a difference and help get people off the streets.

Photo Credit: Matthew Arce

Experiencing the high rate of homelessness in Los Angeles, it is great to see you getting involved to help those who need it especially during the holiday season. What fuels this passion in your heart to help those in need?

To be completely honest, I really don’t understand the alternative. I think it’s great that people are in a more giving mood during the holidays but I truly believe that it should be standard all year round. It is heartbreaking to hear the countless stories of people that are struggling in need and have absolutely no one to turn to. In my opinion, anyone that has the means to should be giving back in some capacity or helping someone that needs it. My hope with the Save LA campaign is to inspire that change. I want people to be able to feel good that a hoodie they purchased helped get someone off the streets. I want them to wear it with pride and post on their social media. I want them to have an incredible story to tell when someone asks them where they got an article of clothing from with such cool designs and artwork. With so much negativity everywhere you turn in the world right now, I believe spreading love and compassion for others is more important than ever. This campaign in many ways is my love letter to the place I call home.

Placing such a heavy weight on your shoulders by seeking out to build the best branding company in the world while upholding the highest standards possible. How do you plan to achieve that goal over time and what can viewers expect to see as time continues to pass?

All my work thus far in my career is only the beginning. Loving what I do gives me the motivation I need to wake up every morning ready for any challenge ahead. I’m fortunate to work alongside an incredible team and friends that I consider my family. As long as I continue to innovate and push the creative boundaries in my field of work, I will know I’m on the right path. I truly believe that the greatest human act is to inspire, and I will continue to do that by following my heart and being the change that I want to see in others.

Find more about Matthew Arce and MGA Consulting Inc. at https://consultmga.com/



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