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Olivia Culpo Has the Answer to Your Tailgating Needs

Credit: Lucio Andreozzi

With all of that cooking I know you have a few staples in your closet. One of them is Rao’s Homemade sauces. What about the brand is something that made you a fan of theirs?

First and foremost, the flavor! When you try Rao’s Homemade, you can tell immediately it’s not like any other sauce. I’ve been basically using this sauce for my whole life. It’s the best jarred sauce out there. It’s the closest thing you can get to your grandmother’s homemade sauce. It’s made with natural ingredients and no additives. Everything about it is premium, you can taste the difference immediately.

With their wide selection of sauces, Rao’s Homemade gives you endless options to create a daily favorite. What would you whip up in the kitchen on game day for a few of your family and friends to savor?

I’ve been loving this Air Fryer Chicken Parm Sliders recipe using Rao’s Homemade Marinara. It’s really easy to make and a fan favorite. Using Rao’s Homemade also makes it more premium than a regular chicken parm because of the high-quality ingredients like Italian tomatoes, fresh garlic and onion and basil. You can’t go wrong!

Out of their selection of endless sauce options, which three Rao’s Homemade would you recommend and do you have any recipes you’d like viewers to try in their spare time with them?

It is so hard to choose but if I have to I would say Rao’s Homemade Arrabbiata, Marinara and Alfredo sauces!

Source: Rao’s Homemade

It’s been such a fast paced second half of 2022 and it seems that every time we look up we have seen you on a cover of a magazine and you look stunning. What is your secret to staying so lively, fashionable and full of glow?

Drinking lots of water helps! Water is key to everything. I also try to do little mini meditations, even if for just a few minutes a day. I feel like taking moments where you can ground yourself and recenter yourself is gold.

The best food comes from when you can get your hands on fresh produce, so knowing that Rao’ Homemade sauces consist of fresh and all natural ingredients, what is it about the taste and the consistency of their products that drew you to them resulting in your current partnership with the brand?

Rao’s Homemade sauces are simmered slowly in kettles with only the best ingredients like sweet Italian plum tomatoes and other fresh ingredients such as garlic and onions, so the taste is super authentic. I love how premium the sauces taste but that I’m able to buy them at the grocery store. Plus, the products don’t contain any additives like tomato blends or added sugar, so you can feel great about what you’re eating!

Having your sisters around must be quite the spectacle as you just had the premiere of your new show ‘The Culpo Sisters’ on TLC. I know that was an experience of a lifetime but tell us… how is it just having your sisters around and what made it different when cameras got involved?

We’re so real with each other at all times, the cameras didn’t change anything! It was so fun to work with them. We get on each others nerves all the time. We’re normal sisters. The cameras didn’t really change how we acted to one another.

Source: TLC / YouTube

Continuing on the aspect of family, with the holidays coming up… what could we expect at a holiday dinner or party if you were over the menu?

We take our holidays very seriously! There’s just specific things we have to have for each one. For Thanksgiving we always have a turkey and a beef roast. For Christmas we always do the seven fishes and a beef roast. For Easter, we always do a ham and a beef roast. There’s always a roast!

What is something about cooking that made you fall in love with it? Was it a particular person that taught you how to cook? What memories do you have of your earliest times of cooking?

I love the community around food. Even when I’m home and running around and unable to make a feast, every morning the first thing that I do besides making coffee is turn on a cooking show. It reminds me of growing up in such a big family. My mom was always cooking and is a huge foodie, and my dad has always been in the restaurant industry. I grew up around food morning and night. It was the foundation of our social lives… with friends, work, people in our community who would go to the restaurants…food is just life for us! The earliest memory would be waking up smelling bacon and pancakes… isn’t that just the best? Also my mom’s homemade dinners. Every night there was always something different. I feel like it was the time we had with each other, and still have with each other, always based around cooking and eating together. Even after Christian has a game, every single Saturday, I’ll ask him “what do you want after your game… anything in the world.” I want to make sure I can do something for him that makes him feel really good and really loved. Food is a love language. It makes us feel good but we also need it to survive!

Source: Vanity Fair

We spotted that you just celebrated 3 years with boyfriend Christian McCaffrey. We all know that professional athletes can eat so we can only imagine the type of meals y’all enjoy. What would you say is a meal he enjoys of yours after a long day on the field?

After a game, Christian loves spaghetti and meatballs or chicken parm. Always something Italian! We both love Italian food. If I give him 5 options, they’re usually all Italian.

With your show ‘The Culpo Sisters’ we get to see your family as well. With your love for cooking, whom would you say is your favorite individual to cook for and what dish of yours do they enjoy the most?

Christian and I cook together a lot, and we look forward to it. So much of our jobs is about being ‘on’ so if we have the night off and we’re together, we want to cook dinner together over going out. We’re homebodies. It’s our favorite date night activity! He loves every part besides grocery shopping, but I love grocery shopping. He’ll do the dishes! But he helps me with everything. And, he’s a good cook.

You can find a few of Olivia Culpo x Rao’s Homemade Tailgating Recipes on raos.com.



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