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Self Care Sunday — March 12th, 2023

Courtesy of Azarian / Reggie Becton

Between Love and War’ — Musiq Soulchild poses the long standing question… “What’s the difference between love and war?” A single that comes from his recent project “Victims & Villains,” Musiq teamed with producer Hit-Boy to deliver one of his grandest products to date. Walking us through various scenarios whether it be thrills and ill wills that happen in traditional unions, Musiq lists the pros and cons but one thing that is for certain is that his presence in R&B is consistent and it can be heard throughout the project from start to finish.

Bend It Over’ — Renni Rucci continues to bring her expressive lyrics to her music and none are spared in her latest offering as she explains how she enjoys it “Somebody bout to be my victim / I got that Henny in my system / She think I want her n**** I’m really tryna f*** her with him.”

Courtesy of YouTube

Guess Who I Saw Today (Duo Version)’ — Recent GRAMMY winner Samara Joy gives an updated version of the originally composed ‘Guess Who I Saw Today’ for Leonard Sillman’s Broadway musical revue, New Faces of 1952, with renowned jazz pianist, Gerald Clayton. Adding more dynamic to such an already classic song, Joy and Clayton’s chemistry is highlighted with the accents of powerful tones and angelic melodies.

Life’ — Reggie Becton returns to the forefront with a followup to his sweet like ‘Honey’ collaboration to give his listeners, the song has layers of comfort putting both the mind and body at ease. Perfect for a night alone or one to spark the passion between those looking to test their chemistry levels.

Closure’ — Seeking or needing that feeling of closure can be a tad exhausting though Valerie Omari makes it sound like healing in premier form. Making music for you to feel, the South African songstress compiles several lessons to listen to from her latest EP of the same name. With hints of vintage R&B songs from the voicemail opening the track to a heart shattering first note, Omari should be a staple in your libraries (if she isn’t already).

Courtesy of YouTube

FAMJAM4000’ — Jordan Ward provides a sound that an older generation can appreciate from the start of the song but makes it modern enough for all to enjoy. Bringing more than love back, ‘FAMJAM4000’ is just a portion of what Ward’s “FORWARD” has to offer.

Songs we also enjoyed:

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