A Visual Review of HNDRXX

Using GIFS to critique Future’s latest masterpiece

(Sony Entertainment/BS Illustration)

Future has become Rap’s 21st century sweat shop, churning out projects right and left without batting an eye. Fresh off the release of an eponymous LP, Future dropped his 6th studio album HNDRXX at the stroke of midnight. The 17 track project debuts a relatively new sound from Future, a slight deviation from the trap grit which has brought him a steady flow of acclaim over the years. Nonetheless, his steadfast followers might recognize some of the poppy undertones from the infancy of his career with projects like Pluto, 1000, Dirty Sprite and Honest. While this is the most extreme version of his genre dabbling, it unquestionably is his most refined and mature exploration yet.

1. My Collection

Body Bag. Rest In Peace Ciara.

2. Comin Out Strong ft. The Weekend

Basically reverse The Hills. Soooooo…….banger.

3. Lookin Exotic

“…let this champagne start pouring, drink it up til’ its empty, got this v.i.p section burnin like a chimney” Vintage Future.

4. Damage

If you have not spent every single penny you own by the end of this song there is an inherent problem in your life. This is why single dollar bills exist. *Insert multiple strippers twerking*.

5. Use Me

Beautiful. From 2:36 on I flew through tissues like El Padron ran through girl scout cookies.

6. Incredible

This is what happens when Tron, 80’s Pop, Future and cocaine all spend about 3 hours in a Christopher Moltisanti funded studio. It works though. Somehow.

7. Testify

I plead the fifth.

8. Fresh Air

Future. Future. Chorus comes along…Wiz Khalifa??? Still slaps.

9. Neva Missa Lost

That syrup is thicc.

10. Keep Quiet

This was a 16 track album? Ok, got it.

11. Hallucinating

Does Bentley actually make a truck? If so, unbelievable. Doesn’t surprise me one bit that Future would be whipping that sucka around.

12. I Thank U

Still confused about this song. Probably need about 69 more listens. Despite this, those guitar rifts make me feel some type of way and I appreciate Future’s manners.

13. New Illuminati

Pretty self explanatory.

14. Turn On Me

If you can’t vibe to this song. You ain’t got no juice. Period.

15. Selfish ft. Rihanna

Did Future just sing note for note with Rihanna? What’s more impressive, the fact Future has low key pipes, or that he hasn’t gotten Ri Ri pregnant yet. Just saying. This song will sell 14 billion copies.

16. Solo

20 oz. steaks, can’t fit it on the plate. Jumbo shrimp, straight out the lake. Sleeping on the boat, wake up take dope” Vintage Future.

17. Sorry

7:31 of Codeine Crazy on codeine, aka steroids.


Leonardo di ser Piero — or for the simple minded, Leonardo da Vinci — once said, “the greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.” That was before Future went on a seven year run that would make the Patriots feel bewildered. You can’t teach talent, not this kind of talent. With the release of HNDRXX the question now becomes, who’s the greatest rapper alive? The answer is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn. I now understand why he went with the name Future.