What if Every Child Grew Up with Love?

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How Reaching Out For Love Foundation creates safe spaces for underprivileged children to thrive.

ROL volunteers at a recent outreach

This article was co-written with Mafeni Praise Rabome

In 2018, Ihekweme Amblessed Chinemerem and a few friends made a charitable visit to Compassion Home for Orphans and Abandoned Children at Ahiaeke Umuahia, Abia state. This visit would become one of many she would be making to empower underprivileged children across Nigeria. Chinemerem was driven by her passion for seeing children nurtured to maximize their potential regardless of negative environmental factors. Out of this drive, she founded the Reaching Out for Love Foundation(ROL). ROL is a non-profit organization that empowers underprivileged and marginalized children in Nigeria. The organization aims to spread love to orphans and children in underserved communities by providing food materials and stationeries to aid their education and support them in crucial times. Its projects and programs create a safe space for children to grow with love and thrive.

ROL tackles some of society’s most pressing issues head-on through various innovative programs and projects. One of ROL’s projects is the Girl Child Priority initiative, which provides young girls with opportunities to receive an education and participate in other activities that can enhance their lives. By distributing educational materials and organizing mentorship programs, ROL is promoting gender equality and empowering young girls in Nigeria. The Girl Child Priority project has helped to provide educational opportunities for girls who would otherwise not have had access to quality education.

Ihekweme and the children at one of their recent outreaches

ROL also raises awareness of child sexual abuse and preventive methods through various sensitization programs. Understanding that education is key to preventing abuse, the nonprofit organizes advocacy campaigns for child welfare. Through its recent visit to a correctional center for girls in Idi Araba, Lagos, ROL supported victims and helped raise awareness about child abuse.

The nonprofit also runs online campaigns that promote self-acceptance and body positivism. ROL’s emphasis on these topics helps it tackle bad perceptions and unrealistic beauty standards often placed on individuals, especially women. Through social media, workshops, and outreach programs, ROL motivates children and young adults to maximize their potential.

Over the years, ROL has leveraged the power of social media to raise awareness about its initiatives and attract volunteers. The organization's active social media presence has mobilized individuals and communities to support its cause and participate in its various programs.

ROL visit to Umudike community primary school in Umuahia Abia state

Despite its successes, ROL still faces many challenges in its operations, including inadequate funding for its programs and initiatives. To address this challenge, the organization is exploring new funding models, such as social enterprise and impact investing, to generate revenue through sustainable business ventures that can support its operations and help it achieve its goals. The organization relies heavily on donations, grants, and volunteers' contributions for its programs and initiatives.

In the past 5 years, ReachingOutForLove Foundation has impacted less privileged children across several states in Nigeria. It has empowered children living at bus parks, correctional facilities, and school children in underserved communities.

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