Awarding roles to members when they level up!

Level up roles. It enables you to award roles to members when they level up. It gives a reason to your server members to stay active in the server.

I want to do all roles. The sky’s the limit.

When members get a role in a server, they feel like they belong there. Using level up roles to do that motivates them to stay active.

You can find many other use cases for this, but that’s for a different guide. This guide’s aim is to make you an expert in Bastion’s level up roles. So let’s dive in and see how you can start doing it in your server.

First things first.

For level up roles to work, leveling must be enabled in your server. Users must be able to gain experience points and level up in order for level up roles to work, otherwise there’s no point in adding level up roles.

Enabling leveling in your server is as simple as running the toggleLevelUps command.

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Setting up roles for a level

First of all, list out the IDs of the roles that you want to award to your members when they level up. And categorize them into different levels at which you want to award them.

Don’t Right-Click on roles and click Copy ID. Doing that copies the message ID, and not the role ID!
Your plan for level up roles.

Now that you’ve a plan, you can use the levelUpRoles command to set it all up.

Taking our example, as shown in this image, we can use the command as follows and it’ll set those roles for the specific levels in our server.

#!levelUpRoles 3 --add 243322110055998877
#!levelUpRoles 3 --add 286660668873244672
#!levelUpRoles 5 --add 266290969974931457

Now when someone reaches level 3, Bastion will give them these two roles associated with level 3 and when they reach level 5, Bastion will give them the role associated with level 5.

And if you want exclusive level roles

That is, if you want the roles from previous levels to be taken away from members when they get the roles for the current level, you can do that by setting at least one role in the current level as exclusive.

If at least one role is exclusive in a given level, when a member level ups to that level, they will get all roles in that level and all roles that they got from previous levels will be removed from them.

Setting a role as exclusive is as simple as running the exclusiveRoles command, followed by the role IDs you want to set as exclusive.

Following our earlier example, if we want level 5 to be exclusive, i.e. when a user comes to level 5, they should have only the roles from level 5 and all level 3 roles should be removed from them. We can achieve by setting at least one role in level 5 as exclusive, like this:

#!exclusiveRoles 266290969974931457

What if you want to remove a level reward?

The same levelUpRoles command can be used to remove all level up roles associated with a level.

Continuing our example from earlier, we have level up roles available for level 3 and 5. Suppose we have changed our mind and now we want to remove the level up roles associated with level 3, we can simply use the following command and all level up roles for level 3 will be removed and no one will be awarded anything when they get to level 3.

#!levelUpRoles 3 --remove 

And for further help…

You can always come join us in the Bastion HQ and ask around. The amazing people who happen to be in our Support Team will guide you through it. Here’s a link to the HQ, if you aren’t already there.