How to get grooving with Bastion?

Music gives a soul to everything.

This guide will teach you how to use Bastion’s music features. After you read this, you’ll be an expert on how to utilize Bastion for music. So, let’s get grooving…

Let’s turn on the music!

By default music is disabled in the servers. Of course you want to enable it, otherwise why are you even here, reading this?!

Enabling music is as simple as running the music comand. This will enable music in your server. That’s it! Now you can start playing any song of your choice by joining a voice channel along with Bastion.

Sharing control over music

By default, only the members with Manage Server permission can play music or summon Bastion to a voice channel whenever they want; others can only play when Bastion is already in a voice channel. This is the default behaviour so that some random member from the server can’t just start playing music in any of your voice channels.

Music Channels

If you want others to play music in your server, what you can do is set Music Channels in your server, using the musicChannel command. Music Channels is comprised of one text channel, known as the Music Text Channel, and one voice channel, known as the Music Voice Channel. Music Text Channel is where music commands will be accepted and Music Voice Channel is where Bastion will play the music.

If Music Channels are set, any member who has access to the Music Channels can join the Music Voice Channel and can start playing music in the server by using the appropriate commands in the Music Text Channel. And if someone uses the summon, Bastion will automatically join the Music Voice Channel.

Music Masters

If you want to give full control over music to some special server members, what you can do is set a Music Master Role, using the musicMasterRole. Any role in your server can be set as a Music Master Role. Setting up a Music Master Role will make members of those roles Music Masters! Music Masters are the special members in your server who can use all the commands that is used to control the music playback.

Special music features

There are many special music features. Let’s go through them one by one.

Auto Play

This does exactly what it means. If enabled, Bastion will automatically choose a song and start playing if there’s no other song left in the music queue. You don’t have to continously add songs one after the other. Trust Bastion, and let it choose a song for you. All you need to do is go with the flow and listen to the tunes and sooth your ears! Auto play is disabled by default, and you can enable it using the autoPlay command.

Auto Disconnect

By default, Bastion will automatically disconnect from the voice channel when nothing’s being played in the voice channel. If you don’t want this and wish that Bastion should always stay connected to the voice channel even when there’s nothing in the queue, you can disable auto disconnect using the autoDisconnect command.


Sometimes when you want to check out the lyrics to a song, you don’t have to go to your browser and do an internet search, all while Bastion is still alive! You can directly search for lyrics for any song, using the lyrics command, and Bastion will give it to you faster than you switching to your browser and searching for it.


Music Masters can have their favorite playlists saved in Bastion, so they can play their entire music library with just one command. Music Masters can use the playlist command to add (or remove) songs to their playlist.

Music Playback Commands

To get a list of commands that you can use to control the music playback, use the commands music command and Bastion’ll show you the entire list! To know more about a single command, you can see their help messages using the help <command> command.

And for further help…

You can always come join us in the Bastion HQ and ask around. The amazing people who happen to be in our Support Team will guide you through it. Here’s a link to the HQ, if you aren’t already there.