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Your source of the latest developments happening worldwide in climate action and sustainable developement.

We are a tri-annual print publication featuring interviews, perspectives and articles from global experts in the field.

In each edition we work with our contributors to co-create the latest content on sustainable cities, urban mobility, the circular economy, energy access, climate action, women’s empowerment and much more.

We’re also curating the latest design content: sustainable fashion, architecture, product and urban design.

Our content is uniquely created for The Beam.

Can we win the race against time for the deep decarbonisation of the global economy? It’s the biggest question of our time, and it affects ever-growing segments of business and society. It plays out at the intersection of the energy transition, new mobility, infrastructure, innovation, politics, culture and digitalisation.

The Beam — United People of Climate Action is placed at this intersection, and we also tell the stories of real people making a material impact in this space.

The Beam Team:

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