The Beam #6 — United People of Climate Action

Dear readers of The Beam,

We have released The Beam #6 — United People of Climate Action.

The sixth issue of The Beam features a photo reportage on coping with energy poverty across the European Union, an exclusive interview with veteran climate scientist James Hansen, a feature story on bringing energy access to a refugee camp in Kenya, and a chat with Bertrand Piccard.

This edition, we have also gathered more than 30 incredible experts who wrote exclusive stories and opinion pieces about Circular Economy, Women’s Empowerment, Sustainability in Business, Climate Action, Microgrids, the Global Rising EV market, Clean Energy Solutions, Smart City Innovation, Divestment, and many other topics.

In The Beam #6 United People of Climate Action, you will also find exclusive interviews with:

  • Shilpi Chhotray, Founder Samudra Skin & Sea
  • Helle Søholt, Founding Partner Gehl
  • Bas van Abel, Founder Fairphone
  • Philipp Schröder, Managing Director sonnen
  • Huang Hongsheng, Chairman of Skywell New Energy Vehicle Group
  • Paul Simpson, Chief Executive Officer CDP
  • Michael Krieger, Managing Director Competence Centre for Nature Conservation and Energy Transition

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