Not everyone will get it, and that’s okay…

Not everyone like everything and it’s difficult, near impossible, to please everyone. The best thing to do when that happens, is to move on…

I’m currently in Bangalore staying at an AirBnB apartment in Indira Nagar. The person who’s letting the space out is an entrepreneur himself. Last evening, after I got back from work, we started to chat about his current business and other business ideas. He told me about two of them and I didn’t like either. Not because they didn’t have legs or potential, but mainly because I wasn’t his typical market audience.

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There will be times when you pitch ideas to people — investors, mentors and even accelerators like mine, and you may come across people who do not buy into your dream and vision. It just does not appeal to them, and that’s okay. You just move on to the next guy who will listen and like what you have to say.

Here are some reasons that you must be aware of for people not liking your business idea. Of course, one of the main reasons could be that your idea may actually be bad, but assuming it isn’t these are the other reasons people reject you.

  • Not Savvy: You may be building or creating something that is so different or advanced that people just don’t understand it. People avoid putting money into things they don’t understand, unless, “everyone else is doing it”.
  • No imagination: To see your vision, one needs imagination. They need to be wearing the same lenses you are. Lack of imagination or wrong lenses can stop people from seeing the true extent and potential of your business.
  • Not a choice industry: Pitch a meat packing idea to a pure vegetarian Indian and you’ll get turned down, irrespective of how lucrative and high-potential your business may be.
  • Not a choice product/service: I am not a health-nut, in fact, I am not a health-anything and so when people pitch healthy eating, living, drinking, etc. ideas to me, my eyes glaze over. It’s not a choice product for me.

A rational actor would not allow his/her emotions or lack of specific skills and qualities to come in the way of interacting with you. But, unfortunately for us, humans are not rational actors and can’t at most times get over their own limitations.

This is why, when I turn people down, I tell them to not take it personally. It’s most likely, my limited perceptions and preferences that stop me from seeing what the person in front of me sees. And for that reason, it’s not personal. It usually, never is.


Don’t take rejection or non-acceptance of your idea too personally and seriously. If you have done your homework and put in good amount of hard- and smart-work into it, then most likely it is the other person’s incapability to understand rather than your ability to shine.

Just say ‘thank you for your time’ and move on to the next person who is willing to listen to you. Some day, somewhere, you will find like-minded people.

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