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Loee, The Best French Illustrator on South Korea

Loee is a french illustrator who moved in South Korea. She travels with her backpack full of creative projets around her drawing universe. Adapting on her new lifestyle in this new country, she is a new entrepreuneur ready to live her art.

*We interviewed Loee this summer before the relase of her E-shop. Today she realized around 30 sells on her Etsy!

‘I wished I have an illimated life just to full it with everything I want to test out!’

The Best AD — Hey Loee! Tell us who you are, how you are and where right now?

Loee — Hi ! I’m Loee, I’m 26, I come from France & I’m an illustrator actually in South Korea. I just started my own business last year.

To define myself, I’d say I’m curious. I like to try lots of creative new ideas, on art in general. I wished I have an illimated life just to full it with everything I want to test out!

I’m lucky I can work by distance and with people in the worldwide by my job. I speak French and English with my clients and collabs. I can physically collaborate in South Korea. In some months I’m coming again in France.

How can you define your skills, your universe, and how it depictes yourself?

My entrepreneurship job is recent, I would say I am a Great Beginner. I’m still exploring and organising everything I can do. I think this is definitely part of this creative job, to try, to evolve, to create new ideas.

For now, my work is based on my own universe, which is telling stories and that’s how people will find me. Traveling, pleasures in life and also the seasons of the years is around those scenes I create.

What are your projects of today, and those which you dream about?

I’m opening on 07/01/21 my e-shop of papercrafts and illustrated stickers sending on international. I’m starting on Etsy. Discover more

In the coming year, I wish I can write an Artbook with my illustrations themes based on a story.

I would love in the future creating Coloring Books for people that would like to colour my illustrations.

Later, I’m thinking about an illustrated calendar, with moon moves.

My dream project is to write an illustrated novel. In reality, I already know the story, the characters… I just have to write it!

I really like music, so maybe why not composing an original song of the story that people could listen on a QR Code.

Do you sing?

Yes, fun fact! I used to sing before drawing, that’s why my illustrator name is Loee Song. Then, we told me to find a real job…

One day I’ll get back to it. I don’t really have the time now!

I have the feeling this time struggle comes often…

Yes. Above all in this period where I’m really concentrated on multiple tasks, like my korean courses, my business, and the discovery of South Korea.

But I’m convinced we have our entire life to do what we dream to do!

How do you work?

Actually I’m working on the afternoons because the morning is for my language courses, in school or online (where I’m drawing in the same time!)

I’m planning my week between creating illustrations, creating my first online boutique, the video montage of my Youtube videos et the articles I’m writing for my subscribers on Patreon.

The Vlogs of Loee Song on Youtube
The Freebies on Loee Song’s Patreon

About my drawing work: I always create a sticker grid that goes with a big illustration. It allows to re-use them. Small drawing is relaxing, I’m quicklier satisfied. I love also creating the big scenes but it takes more time to work on it and to finally discover it. Small draws takes like 3h comparing to up to 2 days for a large scene.

A sticker grid from Loee Song

About listing priorities: that’s always challenging. My trick is to organise them on big goals to detailed goals (from months, to weeks, to days). Be careful not listing too much, or you can never accomplish everything you planned.

Today the goal it my e-shop so everything will wait after.
When there is a full time like that, I post less content on Patreon than usual. When I go back to calm, I produce more for my subscribers.

Now I’m cooling down everything to focus on drawing, printing, put my draws online, and promote my shop.

A large scene from Loee Song

Find Loee on Instagram

That’s an interesting organisation! I’ll think about it…

The most important is to take breaks. This is a must. Or the lack of time off will make the week after very heavy.

‘Working by myself was the best solution, because I can drive my dream job my own way.’

What is your own vision of your job?

When I draw, the most important is the storytelling.
I put a lot of myself behind my illustrations. There are always a part of myself and my own story, journeys and travels.

I create also to make people dream, be motivated and relax. Taking a break is part of my stories.

How can people help you evolve in your activity?

When I will begin write my book, I’ll certainly need proofreaders to give me feedbacks, also translators.

If writers look fo illustrations in their book from my universe, I’m in to practice!

People can also monthly support me on Patreon community.

I would love to sell 10 of my draws on the opening of my e-shop!*

What are your best selling illustrations?

I have a lot of personnalized portraits orders. It’s always something pretty appreciated from the majority.

Order your personnalized illustrations on

Befor opening my shop, I know already that the stickers will make their success, because it’s a format people ask a lot, even on personnalized stickers.

Did people already gave you a feedback on your work?

Yesterday I had a call about my drawing lessons, and my student told me that she will never look at the price of my lesson class because she is mostly attracted by my style and universe of drawing.

Why do you do what you do? Are you happy about it?

Originally I started my own business because I needed to work alone. I’ve always felt a stranger when the company where to crowdy. It always made sense to me to work within a small group of people which. Then, I never matched with hierarchy. The must, I wanted to find a job that allowed me to travel.

I hesitated between webdesign, graphism and illustration. Doing illustration was the best choice because I can control what I draw. I felt webdesign was not artistic enough and had this lack of uniqueness and identity. I wanted to make people dream, to tell my own stories, and be limitless.

Illustration is a good way of expression for me: we can share a message like in writing. This is simplier than speaking.

Drawing is a relawing job for me, I escape from the reality, I create my unique worlds. It allows also to create everyday something different, and never get bored. Working by myself was the best solution, because I can drive my dream job my own way.

Tell us your best illustration story?

I loved creating the visual identity of the coach Diana Makhkamova for her plateform community Les Bonnes Copines and for her podcast “Une case en moins”.

The french business podcast Une case en moins fromDiana Makhkamova
The community Les Bonnes Copines from Diana Makhkamova

This collaboration was super satisfying. We matched from the first place and took our own role inside this project. This was efficient. Diana came with her idea and universe, and I was super free. She made quickly her choices!

Then Diana used her identity to distribute T-shirt on the members of her community Les Bonnes copines during a retreat organized by Mood & Green.
I felt very recognized for that!

‘Illustration brings life, story and authenticity.’

Contact Loee on and PMs on instagram

What’s the most easy VS the most difficult thing in your daily routine?

This is easy and satisfying to draw watching a movie…above all for large scene illustrations!

This is difficult sometimes to find motivation teh days with less inspiration. Finding clients sometimes is not alwayd fluid. Prospecting is not my best skill.

How do you consider your domain? Today and in the future?

Illustration is super important to me. In south Korea we find it everywhere. All the advertisements and posters are illustrated.

I like drawing packagings than a design. Illustration brings life, story and authenticity.

I see a tendency in back to old, into vintage style. Designs are more alive now. I see a lot of mix between ilustration, design, animation, 3D.

How do you live the entrepreneurship?

With highs and lows. Covid was not the best for a start. But I don’t see myself in another position than by myself…!

What are your priorities?

Taking care of myself and my mental health. I’m super pasionate, but I still have this tendency to fell guilty about my job, thinking I should work more, whereas that’s what I do.

Treating yourself is part of the message I spread in my illustration. It may be the reflection of what I need myself!

Thank you Loee !

✉ To contact and collaborate with Loee, please send her your message on:

Personalized portrait order




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