Facebook F8 2018 Conference: Important Updates and Announcements

Facebook F8 2018 Conference

Important Updates and Announcements

Facebook F8 2018

Facebook F8 2018 Messenger Updates:

Introduced New Tools for Businesses and People to Deepen Connections in Messenger

Facebook messenger platform gets open for businesses & developers in the year 2016, there are various tools for both businesses & developers to get some ROI out of it. In Facebook F8 2018 Conference CEO “Mark Zuckerberg” has introduced some more interesting tools which will deepen the relationship between a user and a company.

Most of the Small & large businesses are using Facebook’s Messenger platform to provide chat support to there users with the help of Facebook Chat Bot. Facebook has a team of more than 2,00,000 highly qualified developers who are actively building great experiences and fixes all the bugs. Till now Over 8 Million Messages are sent & received on daily basis with the help of FB Messenger also, there are almost 3,10,000 Active bots which are working on different websites.

Facebook F8 2018

For your Information, Let’s inform you that FB messenger is the world’s second highest using mobile app after WhatsApp with over 1.3 Billion monthly users. Today, We are excited to inform you about all the steps taken by Mark Zuckerberg for the evolution of Facebook after the biggest trouble of his life.

Facebook F8 2018 Conference has witnessed the Introduction of Augmented Reality for Facebook Messenger Platform

Facebook Messenger will now have the ability for both big and small businesses to integrate the augmented reality into their Facebook Messenger.

All brands can now take the advantage of camera effects on their platform which will help them to bring the physical and virtual world together.

It’s very simple to integrate and use, whenever a user interacts with your business chatbot, you can ask them to open the camera and with the help of Advanced Filters and AR effects you can show them the virtual image of that product and with the introduction of this amazing feature, users can now actually visualize the product before buying it. This feature is the latest addition to the Facebook AR Studio and at the time of its launch only brands like ASUS, Kia, Nike & Sephora has introduced this amazing augmented reality feature into their FB Messenger.

Facebook F8 2018

M Translations feature in Facebook Messenger

Facebook F8 2018 Conference has also witnessed the launch of Message translations feature which will help brands when users will be connected with facebook Marketplace, receive a welcome message in a language that is different from their native language in Fb Messenger, M Translator will ask the users if they want to translate the message. This will help drive commerce between buyers and sellers despite language barriers. Initially, translations from English to Spanish (and vice-versa) will be only available in FB Marketplace which is taking place in the United States.

Facebook F8 2018

Oculus Released on Facebook F8 2018 Developer Conference

Mark Zuckerberg has launched Fb’s first ever standalone Headset which is now available in 23 countries starting at just $199 USD. This Stylish, Comfy and lightweight device is coming up with more than 1000+ apps, games and will give you other amazing experiences.

It is designed to let us see things from a whole new angle, expand our horizons, Oculus Go will change the way you watch live events, play games or hang out with your friends. Oculus Go will provide you high-quality fit and feel with its advanced lens & Oculus headset comes with built-in spatial audio and an optimized software stack. It has also designed with breathable fabrics, adjustable straps to provide you complete comfort.

Facebook F8 Conference is over: All important Updates & Announcements

Groups tab and Join Group button

Facebook will launch a new groups tab to make all Groups “More Focused” to the Facebook user experience and it will also be rolling out a “Join Group” button which website developers, app developers can add on their websites, in promotional emails and they can also integrate it on other places apart from Facebook.

Watch Party Feature on Facebook

Watch Party is a video tool that allows multiple users to join the same video simultaneously and commenting is also allowed if permitted. Currently, only a small group of fb beta users has access to the tool but Facebook Developers has plans to expand the availability of this amazing Watch Party feature on Facebook in upcoming months.

Clear history/Cookies

Facebook is planning to introduce a clear history tool that will allow its users to clear their Facebook browsing history. Mark Zuckerberg wanted the kind of control Facebook believes its users should have, but only after noting that it may diminish a user’s Facebook experience.

Dating will be available on Facebook

Facebook Users will soon be able to date their crush and can convert their profile into a dating profile that will connect them to people who are not friends with them and have also converted their profile into a dating profile hosted by Facebook Dating Platform. All the Matches will be made based on similarities, taste, choices, interest, places selected in from users’ profiles.

Instagram Updates in Facebook F8 2018 Conference

In F8 2018, Mark has got something unique for Instagram. It will be getting a complete design upgrade, with the all-new explorer section which is organized around various content channels. The Instagram mobile app is also getting video chat feature for one-to-one and combine group conversations, while users are going to get an Augmented Reality camera effects while clicking the pics from your mobile phone.

Facebook F8 2018

Announcements for WhatsApp in F8 2018 Conference

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also congratulated WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum, who has left Facebook on April 30th. Mark said he was deeply grateful for Jan Koum’s work. The Facebook-owned messaging platform, “Whatsapp” will also get Augmented Reality camera effects and a group video calling feature just like Instagram.

In-app purchases added to Instant Games

In the Facebook F8 2018 Conference, Mark has announced that in-app purchases (IAP) are now available on its Instant gaming platform for Android devices and Facebook.com web app. The submission process will officially open on May 7, but all other developers can access open documentation around the process for implementing IAP before submitting the request.

New AR Studio updates

Facebook has also launched a very new version of its AR Studio, a tool which is used to create augmented reality experiences on the Facebook app platform. The latest version gets integrated with Sketchfab’s searchable library of Augmented Reality models and help you with better in-app experiences.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is a mobile app provided by Facebook Inc. which offers all brands and businesses anonymously aggregated “Journey” analytics that gives insight into omnichannel data and reporting. The new features will include auto-detected funnels for E-Commerce websites to identify lead funnel paths that lead to conversions, audience insights and funnel conversion insights.

Business SDK’s for Facebook Developers

Facebook announced it is going to replace its Facebook Ads SDK (software development kit) with the new Business SDK, a “one-stop shop” where developers can access a number of Facebook APIs, including Business Manager API, Marketing API, Pages API and Instagram API altogether with the help of Pytorch.

Facebook F8 2018

Facebook login Security updates

login update feature in Facebook was announced in Facebook F8 2018 conference to further strengthen Facebook’s attempts at protecting user privacy. The new updates will include more restrictions on accessibility to user data, token expiration management, a personal data deletion callback URL and business integration clarifications and much more.

Facebook Workplaces integrations and App Reviews

Mark Zuckerberg announced several new third-party integrations for Workplaces, Facebook’s work management platform, including HubSpot, Marketo, Adobe, ADP, PayChex and SurveyMonkey.

Also after Cambridge analytica, Facebook has again opened mobile app review for Instant Games & FB Messenger apps with several updates to the whole process.

Developer Circles 2018 Community Challenge

Facebook has also kicked off its 2018 Developer Community Circle Challenge hackathon on May 2. It is tasked with creating a perfect solution that uses at least one of Facebook’s developer products, all participants are competing to win $30,000 in the prices.

We hope you are excited to experience these amazing features introduced by Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook F8 2018 Conference ended on May 2.

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