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Twitter is currently working on Twitter Stories

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Twitter Promoted Stories

Developers of Twitter is now working on a whole new Snapchat-style feature “Twitter Stories” that is going to make it more easier for users across the web to post videos on their social-media app, according to people familiar with the matter, They are aiming to attract more users and cement a nascent turnaround with their new Sponsored Twitter Stories.

The Twitter developers are working on a demo of the camera-centered product, according to people who have seen it, but the design hasn’t been finalized, nor has the timing of its debut.

The tool could change significantly over the next several months, they said, asking not to be identified because the product hasn’t been publicly disclosed. The goal of the new feature is to entice people to share video clips of what’s happening around them. Twitter declined to comment.

Social-media giant Facebook Inc. has recently copied this feature from Snapchat and it is getting a very good response. Twitter’s latest change suggests that Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey is taking cues from start-ups as well.

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Dorsey in the past has praised Snapchat, calling the app “very modern & Advanced” and also admitting that Twitter can be very much “confusing.”

The new feature of sponsored twitter stories will provide the relatively cumbersome process of sharing videos or photos on Twitter, whose social network lets people post real-time updates of up to 280 characters and follow others’ feeds.

Now, users just have to open the Twitter app, click the compose button, find the camera button, take the video or picture, then click on the tweet button. The goal of this product is to reduce the number of steps & make it easier for users to share the video content.

After several years of stagnant growth, Twitter is showing signs of a resurgence. Since co-founder Dorsey returned to the helm in 2015, he’s tried to make Twitter a destination for a “what’s happening now,” striking live-video streaming partnership with periscope and completely tweaking the user interface.

He has made changes across Twitter’s timeline, notifications, the Explore tab and interface that have made the platform easier to use. Analysts have credited those changes as a part of the reason why users are returning more frequently to the platform on a daily basis. Also, Dorsey has made Twitter more secured and introduced two-factor authentication for users.

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Twitter shares on New York Stock Exchange has gained a positive momentum of 1.4 percent early Thursday. Snapchat shares fell as much as 5.1 percent amid concern about further competition for the features that once made its app unique.

“Snap is on shaky ground so any iterative news on encroachments of their product experiences is bound to spook,” said James Cakmak, an analyst at Monness Crespi Hardt & Co. Still, even though Twitter’s new feature could increase engagement from its existing user base, it may not be enough to draw in people who don’t already use the platform, he said. “It doesn’t solve the long-term challenges facing the company.”

How Big Brands & Advertisers can increase there visibility with Sponsored Twitter Stories?

Twitter planned to help big brands & advertisers to be relevant in the moment, and there’s no better way to do that than to be relevant within Twitter Moments. More and more people have started consuming Twitter Moments than ever before,
 which also includes Moments created by top publishers in sports, entertainment and news category with this twitter has successfully brought new premium inventory for advertisers & brands and now today, they are more than happy to share a new In-Stream Sponsorship’s feature, sponsored Moments.

In this feature Advertisers & Big Brands can sponsor moments with Twitter Stories from premium content partners and reach audiences at scale while they view the content they are most passionate about.

twitter stories

“Twitter Stories” or “Sponsored Moments” will also include interstitial Tweets from the brand as well as a branded cover. Similar to other In-Stream Sponsorship’s, advertisers can promote the Moment to their specific target audience, expanding reach beyond the content partner’s existing followers and much more.

Wrap Up: This year is for #Twitter & we believe that more and more users will look back to this Micro-blogging site which is releasing various updates on regular basis.

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