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COVID-19 may revive the cycling industry

Cycling helps save money and increase health

COVID–19 will make people avoid sharing cars and hiring taxis. The chances of people infecting others are higher. Open spaces, cycling and walking are the safest ways to commute during the pandemic.

More than half of India does not own bicycles. As per National Geographic more people using bicycles will reduce crowding in the mass transport. Every year India sells about 1.4 crore bicycles, with a split between roadsters and fancy cycles. More people will shift to bicycles if there is better infrastructure, less pollution and integration with the public transport.

As per Mongobay: Large-scale substitution of motorised private transport by cycling can also reduce noise pollution, improve road safety, and provide recreational value to users,” said the study while stressing that it will also address the burgeoning energy import bill.

With the government support such as tax rebates and cycling highways more people will pick up cycling. India will require more brands like Workman Cycles, which make sturdy and affordable cycles. It is America’s oldest cycle brand.

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