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Have you heard of Evan Luthra?

Evan is on to earn $ 1mn/day

Evan Luthra claims to have started several startups

Evan Luthra is a self acclaimed serial entrepreneur. He had claimed that he was earning $ 1mn (INR 7.5cr) every month. He had aimed to earn $ 1mn every day before he turned 25. He is an angel investor and owner of consumer apps. He had also featured in DW’s documentary as one of the new maharajas, the moneyed elites, who enjoy flaunting his wealth.

At 12 years of age he had built an iOS app. After school he started investing in startups. In his TEDx talk he claimed that he had created value worth $ 200mn (INR 1500cr). In an interview to Token TV he disclosed that he had invested in a blockchain and virtual reality businesses. His portfolio includes Wheely’s Cafe (1000 locations in 40 countries), Bottlepop (nightlife concierge) and Gonz ( a funeral services app).

There are no verified records of his claims about the businesses, he has invested in. Though, he appeared in Mail’s list of rich boys of Instagram. His wealth comes from his father’s garment export business.

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