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All my serverless content in 2019

Blog posts

Here are all my serverless-related blog posts in 2019 in reverse chronological order. Follow me for more serverless content in 2020!


re:invent chalk talks

Unfortunately chalk talks are not recorded as they’re very interactive and involves a lot of white-boarding. But you can still take a look at the slides to get a sense of the topics that were covered.


Here are a few of the talks I presented at conferences and user groups.

Serverless is more FinDev than DevOps

This was my opening keynote to ServerlessDays Cardiff, where I discussed the idea of FinDev and the new business model that serverless technologies can enable. Speaking of which, ServerlessDays Cardiff 2020 is just around the corner. If you’re in the area, hope to see you there!

Serverless Security: defence against the dark arts

In this talk, I walked through a number of common attack vectors that you should consider for your serverless architecture and possible mitigation strategies (where applicable).

How to build a social network on Serverless

In this talk, I shared my journey of migrating Yubl’s backend to serverless and some of the lessons we learnt along the way.


I made a guest appearance on Heitor Lessa’s excellent Build On Serverless series.


I did a mini-series with Forrest Brazeal on the ThinkFaaS podcast

Open source work


Serverless framework plugins

SAR apps

  • lambda-janitor: cron job to delete old, unused versions of all Lambda functions in the region to free up storage space.
  • auto-subscribe-log-group-to-arn: subscribes new and existing CloudWatch log groups to a Lambda function, Kinesis stream, or Firehose delivery stream by ARN.
  • auto-set-log-group-retention: updates the retention policy for new and existing CloudWatch log groups to a specified number of days to reduce CloudWatch Logs cost.
  • async-custom-metrics: lets you record custom metrics by writing to stdout (which is recorded in CloudWatch Logs) which is then parsed and forwarded to CloudWatch metrics as custom metrics.
  • propagate-cfn-tags: propagates CloudFormation tags to resources that are not automatically tagged, e.g. CloudWatch log groups.
  • autodeploy-layer: automatically deploys a Lambda layer to all new and existing functions in the region. Supports opt-in and opt-out via function tags.
  • lambda-invocation-cfn-custom-resource: supports CloudFormation custom resource to invoke a Lambda function during deployment.
  • dazn-lambda-powertools: deploys all the packages from DAZN lambda powertools (see above) as one Lambda layer in your account.
  • cloudwatch-alarms-macro: deploys a CloudFormation macro that auto-generates CloudWatch Alarms for you based on the resources you have in a CloudFormation template.



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