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When working with clients, we go through in-depth and rigorous Brand Discovery &Design Thinking Workshop for their brand. And one of the significant questions we go into are
— What are the Industry related secrets?
— How can we position the Brand to over come or leverage the situation?
— How can we make a negative situation in to a positive one?

Here is an example which I found recently, from the FMCG/food industry.

Since, Diwali is just around the corner, sweets are something which are integral part of the festivities. Here, there is a silver foil aka ‘Varak’ used on many traditional sweets. The methods used to make the silver foil is rather controversial and questionable.

Silver Foil aka ‘Varak’

One of the most widely used methods of preparing silver involves the intestines of cattle. This industry-wide practise sees manufacturers purchase intestines from slaughterhouses as soon as the animal is killed (and before their innards stiffen and become unusable). After stitching the intestines together to form a booklet, sheets of silver are then placed between them and hammered till they turn into thin wafers — which happens to be the final product you find on your sweets. Some manufacturers even claim, that their product is 100% vegetarian.

The founder of this brand, brings this forward to the primary target audience and communicates what their brand values are and how they have solved this problem.

Thanks 🙏 Shashank Mehta, founder of The Whole Truth Foods for this simple yet powerful article.

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