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Jul 19 · 6 min read

Continuing the discussion from earlier in the year, The catalyst team takes a moment to talk to you about 10 growing businesses YOU should be paying attention to in 2019.

The ambitious business leaders of these growing companies are an ispiration reimagining the way we approach innovative solutions. You can check out part 1 in addition to this continued list!

Screen capture from InnovaYouth’s website


As an advocate in developing student minds Victor Ye, feels young individuals should be empowered to take action on their professional lives. Victor Ye, is an ambitious individual as the CEO and co-founder of innovayouth who is still attending high school. He believes InnovaYouth can “promote lifelong-learners and compassionate thinkers”. His mission is to help bright minded individuals to push past regulated courses in public schooling to help students learn more about what they want to know pushing them to take actions like starting a business or developing their professional lives.

How does it work?

For Victor digital technology has always been an integral part of life, as a member of the Gen Z demographic. He has formatted actional deliverables of interactive online journals and podcasts for students easily accessible online. A team of 10 students work on the content for these deliverables in addition to workshops and speeches.

Why watch them?

InnovaYouth has over 40 workshops. Currently, they are working on building toolkit programs for students to start their own chapters and clubs. One of Innovayouth’s main goals this year is to gain more teachers and faculty support within schools. So far InnovaYouth has directly impacted about 7000 students, and they are hoping to host more workshops and conferences to expand their reach and will be hosting a summit July 20th for future leaders.

Learn more about InnovaYouth at https://www.innovayouth.org/.

Qardian Labs -

Sofia Tomov, founder and CEO of Qardian Labs

Developing innovative artificial intelligence-based software solutions for evaluating heart disease risk, Sofia Tomov is the founder and CEO of Qardian Labs. Tomov combined her interests in Software Development and health as an ambitious 15 year-old and double major at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Inspired by her grandmother’s undetected heart problems, Tomov is revolutionizing the future of predictive technology for hospitals and urgent care centers.

How does it work?

Doctors are provided with artificial intelligence-based software solutions through the HEARO software product. The technology evaluates 12 metrics of patient data to determine the risks of heart disease in a patient with 99 percent accurate results under five minutes.

Why watch them?

Qardian Labs is currently looking to expand their network of doctors who can adopt the software and become advocates for its use in hospitals and other practices. They are hoping to eventually build a strategic partnership with Electronic Medical Record providers.

Learn more about Qardian Labs at https://www.qardianlab.com/.

TableTalk Global -

Sophie Beren is a girl on a mission to change the way we communicate. Inspired to break the silence, her company Table Talk Global aims to start conversations between young adults that would normally not occur. This may be through bringing new things to their attention or by simply pulling them out of their eco-chamber. Either way, Table Talk strives to offer a space space for anyone to voice their opinion.

43 percent of 18 to 24 year-olds say that texting is just as meaningful as having an actual conversation and we are on the quest to reverse this trend! “ — Sophie Beren

Screen Capture from Sophie Beren’s website

How does it work?

On over 50+ school campuses, Sophie’s team has created customized approaches facilitating students to have more face-to-face discussions on important, potentially difficult subjects.

Why watch them?

Table Talk Global is looking to create an even bigger wave of impact in 2019. After watching and studying their successes in the past, they aim to make this small world even smaller; that is to say, more connected and unified. They also are looking to become more of a social enterprise this year to be more sustainable so they can facilitate communication for a long time to come. With this structural change will certainly come stronger branding, marketing, and statements - a stronger identity, one you certainly won’t want to miss.

Learn more about Table Talk Global at http://www.sophieberen.com/ .

Frontier Mining —

Founded in 2017 by Kyle Herron with a vision to create the infrastructural backbone of future technology, Frontier Mining is now the largest cryptocurrency mining operation in North America. Kyle and his team believe that the blockchain revolution was created due to a desire for more transparency and trust in the cryptocurrency world, and that, moving forward, “the structures behind blockchain must be thoughtfully and sustainably constructed for the technology to transform society”. Frontier Mining empowers independence, innovation, and entrepreneurship by giving control back to the common person.

How does it work?

Frontier Mining provides turnkey cryptocurrency miners, co-location, and mining management services to the global mining community. They work with a distributed, decentralized cloud computing platform.

Why watch them?

The large cryptocurrency mining operation is looking to become even bigger in 2019, by scaling to $10,000,000 ARR, hiring up to 50 new employees, and expanding into new locations outside of the states they are currently in California and Ohio.

Learn more about Frontier Mining at https://www.bitcoinmined.net.

Ourhouse -

Developed to manage and streamline fraternity operations, Ourhouse is an all-inclusive mobile and web platform for organizing chapters of people. Since its launch about a year ago, Ourhouse has begun to revolutionize the Greek market and is exploring efficient logistics among other large organizations. Currently organizing 100 chapters and 10,000 users, Ourhouse is a pioneer in managing group operations as there is not currently an existing technology for organization at this scale. Customer service and efficiency of tasks are prioritized through the platform.

Example of Ourhouse’s iPhone App

How does it work?

Ourhouse organizes daily operations that keep Greek officers organized, helps members stay connected and protects chapter information. It integrates a calendar layout, push notifications and a messaging system within the application eliminating the need for multiple systems. The platform lends itself to being quickly accessible in ways that mass texts, emails and scrolling through facebook posts are not.

Why watch them?

Ourhouse is expanding its influence as it kicks off among new chapter organizations. They are currently looking for technological savvy staff to match the demand of running multiple complex operations.

Learn more about Ourhouse at https://www.ourhouse.us/.

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The Catalyst by PARADIGM

“Our purpose is to inspire change.” | The Catalyst is an digital publication by PARADIGM, a global innovation and strategic design studio. | ParadigmID.com | #TheFutureIsNow

Miriam Reza

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The Catalyst by PARADIGM

“Our purpose is to inspire change.” | The Catalyst is an digital publication by PARADIGM, a global innovation and strategic design studio. | ParadigmID.com | #TheFutureIsNow

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