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🐱♾[ My Practice of Nembutsu 🙇‍♂️🙇🙇‍♀️

n♾[ Do not pronounce the final [u], please; it is devoiced.

I added an illustration of Nembutsu to my shopping list so I would remember to write about it. Oh, that reminds me! I do actually need to pick up more of whatever alternative egg product(s) there are available to me now. That Just Egg one was delicious! But I’d like to keep trying even more new things for myself, too.

This piece requires only casual knowledge of the work of 恵心僧都.

In my opinion and experience, a reading of 往生要集 is not required to understand both a practice and some derivative, consequent, iterative effects (which one might…




TheCatNamedSoup[is a work of fiction.

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Chris Pullman

Chris Pullman

My sobriquet here derives from a character from Nova, a novel by Samuel R. Delany. I’m a musician; I have backgrounds in Japanese linguistics and law.

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