The New Silent Majority

Why the center?

In an increasingly polarized world ideological purity has triumphed over practicality. Leaders who can solve the problems we face every day are abandoned for cults of personality that promise purity regardless of the consequences. It is unclear whether this is in response to the desires of the electorate or if opportunistic individuals have trained the public to believe that ideology is more important than results. We have reached a stage in our politics where saying the right thing outweighs doing the right thing.

This has created a new silent majority (only 28.5% of registered voters voted in the primaries.) This silent majority cares about neither the revolution of the far left or the social/religious militancy of the far right. They don’t care who marries who and have accepted that there will always be someone richer than them. They’re ok with that. They just don’t want to have to worry about paying bills on time. They don’t want to worry about what happens if the transmission goes out on their car or their kid gets sick. They don’t want to have to check their bank balance before they go get gas.

Religion or God may or may not play a prominent role in their lives. But it’s personal. They don’t have a strong desire to pass laws that make everyone live the same way they do. Here’s what they want.

Economic security
A quality education they can afford
Personal safety
Healthcare you can afford when you need it
Being respected and able to live with dignity
Strangers staying out of their personal business

So how do we address these issues? What are the root causes that will allow us to solve them without creating other, bigger, problems? Finding the answers to these questions is hopefully what we will find here with the community of ideas we build.