Just Vote Blue, they say!!!!!

Is that not a little intrusive?

I saw someone say the other day, “just vote blue.” Like that is the answer to all our problems. Hmm. Because we all know voting party line is truly the most intelligent thing in the world to do, right? I laugh as I write this. I would say the same if someone would say, “just vote red.”

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So, when I hear those phrases, all I hear is someone telling me, “Hey Ian, you’re not smart enough to think for yourself. Nor are you smart enough to research each candidate, and neither is the recommender of the party line vote and that you should just blindly vote because that’s what they do. Hmm. Instead of maybe voting for what suits my family the best. Wow, what is good for my family may be different than what is good for your family, I would presume.

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Then I have to get into the intrusive part of this. I will say, telling someone how to vote is a tad bit audacious, to put it lightly. I mean, I got it. We often point out the flaws of political figures. There have been many times that I go out and explain what I don’t like about an elected official or proposed laws. Nowhere in that gives me the right to look at someone and say, “hey, forget about your experiences and upbringing and just vote like me.” That is pretty bold, but that is exactly what the statement, “just vote blue or just vote red,” means.

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I got an idea when it comes to voting, maybe we just leave that up to the person. Trust me, no one is winning voters as we tell them subliminally how dumb they are to think for themselves and what to do.

Those are just my two cents on this matter. I think America Deserves people to focus on the candidates and base their decisions on their experiences. So, I think I will simply vote for whomever I like and not someone that I am told to.

The Vet



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Ian Griffin

Ian Griffin

Ian Griffin is a former Soldier of 31 years who enjoys writing about his experiences and challenges in today’s political environment.