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Introducing Code + Infinity: the iGen Revolution

Exploring the Intersections between Tech and the Arts

We are the iGen. Born between 1995 to now, our lives have been accompanied by an unprecedented level of social connectivity.

Many of those who have come before us say that we are lazy, passive, and self-centered. Today, we change the narrative. The i in iGen does not stand for inefficiency and insecurity, it stands for independence and inclusivity. We are the generation that is paving the path for progress in social justice, technology, and equality. We may be young, but our capabilities can exceed imagination. But there is a lot more work to be done.

If we want to fight for our future, we have to be well-informed and articulate, while continuing to push the boundaries of creativity. This is why theCodeMatrix is launching Code + Infinity, an initiative that raises awareness for education on the intersections between technology and a myriad of fields. Through student-produced articles, interviews, and multimedia pieces, we strive to showcase the different opportunities youth have to pursue. Whether it’s Code + Law featuring Yale’s Law and Tech Society or Code + Movies highlighting advancements in virtual reality filmmaking, we shine a spotlight on groundbreaking connections between tech and the humanities. Our primary goal is to get more youth involved in these intersections because technology is where most solutions will stem from in the future. Regardless of the career you aspire to have, gaining a comprehensive understanding of human interaction with technology is essential.

Ultimately, this is a forum for collaboration, so comment your thoughts and ideas about different topics. We will post every week about new resources and opportunities for students. We hope the Code + Infinity articles, startup company highlights, and spotlights on youth driven community efforts inspire YOU to delve into these innovative and creative connections.

Inclusivity is all about unity, and we hope you join us in the Code + Infinity community.

To Infinity and Beyond,

Aditi, Pia, & Khushi




A student-run nonprofit that strives to teach kids about interacting with machines and the intersection between art and humanities and technology. We mentor kids to think like programmers using games and activities with an emphasis on creativity, collaboration, and communication.

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Aditi C

Aditi C

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