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Lyrically inspired comics

The Comic Jam
The Comic Jam
3 min readMay 30, 2024


Comic creators draw their inspiration from everywhere, including songs. Enjoy these one-pagers which have their origins in RHCP song titles.

Story by Christian De Matteo | Art and Letters by Jack Van Thomme
Story and Letters by Tom Lynott | Art by Quinn Butler
Story by Mark Capitelli | Art by Rachel Henry | Letters by Kevin D. Lintz
Story by Tom Lynott | Art by Jorge Peña

Christian De Matteo is a writer and college professor, founder of and co-founder of with artist-extraordinaire James Lines. He loves all forms of art and entertainment, enjoys long walks on the beach and other less sandy locations, and is fatally allergic to fluffy cats (in case you wanted to get rid of him). He can be found pontificating/dad-joking on Twitter: @CDMetc and @FugitivePoems. He cannot draw. Like at all.

Jack Van Thomme illustrates comics and pitches in when he can. You can see the things he likes to draw and read the things he likes to talk about on Twitter and Instagram @Real_JackVT

Tom Lynott lives in Arizona with his adorable wife, two boys and a Corgi / Border-Collie mix named Ace. He took part in Comics Experience’s Introduction to Lettering Comics class in May 2021. You can see more of his work at He has also been known to script a story or two.

Quinn Butler is an illustrator and college student originally from Portland, Oregon, and mainly works digitally or paints with acrylics. They enjoy character design, concept art, comics, and getting way too into whatever has captured their attention for the month. Check out their work at

Mark Gibson Capitelli and Bigfoot have never been seen in the same place at the same time. Just sayin. Anyway, Mark is the Senior Editor at Fugitive Poems ( an English tutor, and a husband and father. If you’re looking for him, find him on Discord (BigPoppaCaps#4058).

Rachel (she/her) is a California based artist with a quirky style, as she has been told. She likes cartoons, cute things, and spooky/creepy things. Puns, dark humor, and aged references are perfecto. See her work at

Kevin D. Lintz is a comic book letterer, writer, and editor. He learned his skills in a Comics Experience class and honed them on the mean streets of his all-ages comic book, Team SLUG. He startles his family by making sound effect noises out loud to try and translate them into written words. He has even watched “Helvetica”, the full-length feature movie about the font Helvetica.

Jorge Peña is an illustrator, comic book artist, and part(y) time musician from Bucaramanga, Colombia. You can see his work at



The Comic Jam
The Comic Jam

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