Why diversity matters

I honestly understand why some people are utterly frustrated with the concepts of diversity and inclusion within the workforce.

From those who see it as a lip service of companies, who will give it all the large about being more diverse in their brochures and promotional material while their work culture is anything but.

To those who detest concepts like unconscious/implicit bias and don’t understand what the fuss is all about.

Personally, I think working with people from diverse backgrounds not only works financially but also helps professionals to see the world differently. 
It not only manifests itself in how you see your workforce but the diverse initiatives that help shape the suppliers companies have as well.
And as businesses become more global, what better way to gain competitive advantage than through a varied talent pool who understand the nuances of an increasing international customer base.

The truth is there are many people who remain underrepresented in the workforce and the supply chain. Be it based on gender, race, orientation and ability. Many organisations often don’t realise how to either source such talent or keep them on board when they do find them. Diversity and inclusion strategies help to fix that and add quality to said organisations.

Yes it is easy (and sometimes lazy) to see diversity through the lens of political correctness rather than have a conversation with someone in this role.

I would recommend having a conversation with those who do this.
Explore the work they are doing around tackling underrepresentation through education programmes, leadership initiatives, procurement drives, customer engagement and employee engagement. You will hear stories of progress that is being made. Painfully slow sometimes, but necessary.

Diversity matters. Take it from someone whose career has hugely benefitted from those who decided to see the world slightly differently.

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