A Conversation with Modi Oyewole

Community & Brand Builder

For the longest time, your new site the Gee Pee has been something you hadn’t even launched and its Twitter account has more followers than my personal account. That’s messed up. But super dope at the same time. Haha.

What do you think of the anticipation you’ve built up for it?

Haha. The anticipation is cool, man. I mean, it’s definitely overwhelming because I told people if I got 1,000 followers on the Gee Pee’s twitter account, I’d launch it. It’s been around 850 or so for like a year. Nobody knows that once I get to 1,000, it’ll go live. I’m scared to remind them because I’m not quite ready, but I’m a man of my word. We’ll see if people realize it. Hopefully, they won’t until everything is finished, but who knows.

I may have to come up with a quick fix if I get to 1,000 in the next few days! I’m just a little scared that people are expecting what DC to BC was, but I was like 20, 21 when I was doing that. I‘m 25 now, and the Internet has evolved. Blogs aren’t what they used to be, cellular technology is super advanced and people are watching more videos and getting their music from all these different sources. The Great Progression is gonna be more storytelling than anything else. I’m pretty sure nobody is going to expect what actually comes out when it launches. But I’m also pretty sure that at least one person will like it. As long as somebody appreciates it, I’ll be happy.

How closely aligned is DC to BC to your personal brand as Modi Oyewole? Do you ever want to branch out doing things on your own to strengthen your name or have you found that working with a team is better?

On some real shit, teamwork makes the dream work. You can’t ever forget that. I used to forget it a bunch, but my teammates put me in check. People are unaware that DC to BC is more than just me because I am more or less the face and the voice of the movement. But I’m aiming to change that in the near future. There’s me, my man Quinn who you met while we were whipping those beach cruisers around Venice Beach, and then my college roommate Marcel.

Quinn and I started DC to BC as a radio station back in like ’07 or ’08. And Marcel was my roommate all throughout college. He was always there supporting and spreading the good word. And he’s got a knack for business, so we added him to the team. Quinn is a DJ and was the real reason we even had that radio show in the first place; he was the dude who forced me to get on the air with him. I declined the first few times he asked, so if I had to thank anybody for our success thus far, it’d be him for being so persistent. He’s getting better on the wheels of steel, too. As far as my personal brand, I don’t really know. I took on a pretty big project with Red Bull last month that was just me, not the DC to BC team. I think it’s cool to do projects like that because we all have our own interests.

If it’s something I think that’s more beneficial for DC to BC to jump on as a whole, we will. If it’s something that I think I can handle by myself and it’d be a good look for my own personal experience, then I’ll take it. Like I said, Quinn’s a DJ. Marcel has his real estate license and is about to either be a lawyer or a businessman. Or go for the gusto and jump in one of those JD/MBA programs where he gets both of those degrees. So everybody has their lane. In the end, I’m just trying to combine everything so we can win from all angles.

I got to meet Quinn and talk to him a bit about what he wants to achieve in life. What is the importance of surrounding yourself with driven individuals who have a diverse range of interests?

I live for diversity. Out here in Cali, Quinn and I jumped into all sorts of different settings that aren’t our usual. Because we can adapt and appreciate that.

I think the common denominator in these different settings is that the people we’re hanging with are definitely super driven and devoted to improving upon themselves every day. You can learn from everybody, and I tend to learn the most from people who aren’t really like me at all or have different interests.

It gives you insight, and you also learn about something you didn’t know before. I stayed with an old Boston College classmate while out here in LA and learned so much about the art of film and storytelling just by talking to him in the car or watching his projects on Vimeo while we were in the crib just kickin’ it. His ambition is what intrigued me. It’s infectious, you know? Like I just want to work at getting better at my sh*t now, all because I hung around him for a week.

It’s almost the end of the year. Do you have any new years resolutions?

I wanna get in the gym and get some abs back. Haven’t seen those in like 5 years. Sheesh. Also, I want to just to stop hating and talking badly about the next person or movement. I catch myself doing it too much. So my goal is to eliminate all that and just spread more positive vibes. Besides that, maybe less red meat. But I really like steak, so there’s probably no chance in hell that that’s gonna happen.

Picture yourself around this time next year. Where do you honestly see yourself? What do you think you’ll have accomplished by the end of 2012?

I want to see if DC to BC can execute 10 epic ass events by November, people will be looking at DC to BC in a different light. You see what Walé just did with all those album sales? People are starting to pay attention to this area. I want to help bring more attention out here. Not just in the entertainment world, either. People are only expecting to see concerts or parties from us, but that’s not our goal. Our goal is so much bigger than entertainment!

That’s just a means to an end in my eyes. We’ll see though. I’m getting too excited just thinking about it. Let me just chill.

If you had one tweet left (ever) that encapsulates everything you wanted to say for this current moment and the year(s) ahead… What would you want it to say?

One tweet would probably say something really simple[…]

“At the end of the day, it’s all about experiences and memories. Make sure you make a bunch of those in this great progression we call life.”

Interview/Edited by John Liwag
Article originally published: February 2012