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2 min readFeb 21, 2022


The Cryptomasks Project is a collection of 555 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Created by The Cryptomath, each Cryptomask is unique, randomly generated from 24 different traits, hand-drawn by 8th Project.

The goal of this project is to bring together a community of people (beginners, enthusiasts, and experts) who are here to learn, share, create, build, and encourage each other. Owning an NFT from the collection will provide you with exclusive benefits, such as:

- Access to a dedicated Discord group for holders, with the opportunity to participate in high-value discussions with the experts present!
- Monthly airdrops for 5 holders, consisting of a promising token or NFT selected by the experts. Every first Sunday of the month, a snapshot of all the holders will be taken, and the winners will be randomly selected live on Discord the same evening!
- Take part in highlighting the “experts” of tomorrow through our expert incubator. Many have talent but may not necessarily be noticed.
- Holders of at least 2 Cryptomasks have the opportunity to showcase an NFT from their wallets in our future virtual gallery.
- “Diamond hands” holders will receive a physical copy of their Cryptomask, personally signed by 8th Project.
- Cryptomasks in the metaverse.
- The possibility to collectively choose a metaverse with other community members to establish our gathering place for Cryptomasks.
- Early access to crypto/NFT projects from partners and more…

Each Cryptomask consists of 4 traits:
5 backgrounds: 285 common backgrounds (51%), 155 rare backgrounds (28%), 85 epic backgrounds (15%), 25 legendary backgrounds (5%), 5 mythic backgrounds (0.90%).
7 masks: 76 masks I (14%), 83 masks II (15%), 77 masks III (14%), 79 masks IV (14%), 75 masks V (14%), 82 masks VI (15%), 83 masks VII (15%).
7 hoodies: 78 hoodies I (14%), 83 hoodies II (15%), 85 hoodies III (15%), 73 hoodies IV (13%), 77 hoodies V (14%), 77 hoodies VI (14%), 82 hoodies VII (15%).
5 accessories: 99 accessories I (18%), 99 accessories II (18%), 91 accessories III (16%), 93 accessories IV (17%), 88 accessories V (16%), and 85 without accessories (15%).

The backgrounds determine the ranks:
285/555 Common. Gives you 1 chance per airdrop to win.
155/555 Rare. Gives you 2 chances per airdrop to win.
85/555 Epic. Gives you 3 chances per airdrop to win.
25/555 Legendary. Gives you 5 chances per airdrop to win.
5/555 Mythic. Gives you 10 chances per airdrop to win.

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