Sorcery; adding a little magic to your Sourcing Strategy!

You may be asking yourself, “How can I do a better job of attracting top-notch talent?”

These are top-of-mind questions that our Customer Success team often receives, and the good news is that there are many ways you can effectively source for candidates or prospects.

Getting Started

One of the first steps to optimizing your sourcing strategy is to assess your current sourcing strategy. Aside from posting jobs to your careers page, are you using any other methods to help attract and bring in candidates or reach out to prospects? If you are a Greenhouse user, there are many ways that Greenhouse can with attracting talent. Read on to discover more about:

  • Posting to third-party job boards
  • Setting up scheduled social media posts
  • Setting up a referral program (and referral party!)
  • Sourcing internally

Posting to Third Party Job Boards

One of the best automated ways to ensure that you’re tracking where candidates are applying from. No matter what system you’re using to post to job boards, you should always keep accurate data about each candidate’s source.

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative! Consider changing up your job title to A/B test your job posts. For example, you may find that “Client Success Manager” may result in more relevant candidates than “Customer Relations Associate.” You may also consider spending resources on premium advertising on third party job boards to see if it will bring in more candidates.

Another strategy is to review the current third party job boards that you’re posting to and consider posting to other job boards or community and college groups and threads. Just remember to generate a tracking link for the appropriate source!

Set Up Scheduled Social Media Postings

Chances are, most of us are on at least one social network, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Why not tap into that network to share your organization’s open jobs? Greenhouse offers the ability to post directly or schedule posts to your personal social accounts. If your ATS doesn’t have a social media integration, there are a lot of amazing tools you can use to set up automated postings.

Set Up a Referral Program and Party

Studies have shown that referrals are the number one source of great candidates. Referrals cost less, are a better fit, have a higher performance, and lower turnover.

An effective way to encourage referrals is to create a referral program. If you already have a referral program, but want to increase participation at your organization, you may want to revamp your program and/or throw a Referral Party (or as Greenhouse did, a “Wafferal Party”)

We have additional resources on boosting your referral programs on our Greenhouse Marketing Blog and an e-Book on how to build a strong employee referral program here.

Sourcing Internally

In addition to company referrals, consider sourcing internally! The people within your own organization have great institutional knowledge so tap into your internal network before searching outside of your organization.

Next Steps

As you can see, there are many ways to help optimize your sourcing workflow! Our overall recommendation to effectively source candidates is to:

  1. Identify your sourcing goals for the year, quarter, and month.
  2. Review the different strategies listed above. Perhaps there are some that you’re not using or strategies that you could strengthen and could take a step further.
  3. Create a strategy that will work with your organization and get creative with the ways you source! Don’t be afraid to change it up if you’re not seeing the results you’re hoping for, and be open to non-traditional methods of sourcing your candidates.
  4. Leverage reporting to see if there has been any change or impact especially before and after you’ve revamped your strategies.

We’re also interested in hearing your sourcing strategies! Comment below if you’ve found other types of fruitful or magical sourcing methods.