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Do You Have A Genius Blind Spot?

When Samantha began working with us, she had already had a career in the financial services world for about four and a half years. She had “itchy feet” but it didn’t take long to work out that she didn’t want to leave where she was. You see, Samantha was torn because loved working with the people she worked with, she loved the company, the culture and how she was treated. It was pretty clear that something inside her was telling her that something was missing. It was also clear that she was not going to find a better job in the industry… But what else could she do?

There’s a pretty good chance that even if you haven’t personally known someone, you likely know of someone who has ended up in, let’s say a compromised situation.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how someone who is seemingly highly intelligent could end up getting conned into investing in something that in retrospect seems obviously a con? How does a smart person end up in an abusive relationship or for that matter even a cult?

Although you might think that could never happen to you, it might be worth remembering that everyone who got conned likely would have said the same, that is until they were conned. There are without doubt certain complexities to the specifics of each case, it’s worth noting that as a generality the answer in each case is the same; the individual had some form of a psychological blind spot!

When you learned to drive you were likely taught the importance of doing a “shoulder check”. When driving, not paying attention to a blind spot could be fatal. Similarly, a psychological blind spot about your own unique value can also have a devastating impact.

Our friend Samantha was about to confront hers. When she came to realize that she wasn’t looking for a new job, that she loved everything about where she worked. We encouraged her to get deeply curious about what it was that she really wanted. At the surface, the answer was not particularly surprisingly; a shift in career. But not just another career, one that had genuine meaning for her. The problem was (at least in Samantha’s mind) that she didn’t have any other skills. This of course was not true, but to find those skills Samantha would need to shoulder check her reality in order to see past her blind spot.

We took Samantha on an inner journey into the delicious realms of curiosity and meaning. This allowed her to discover the unique value she had hidden in what we call her Like so many of us, she had a long list of skills and talents that she could tap into. Taking those skills and putting them through our meaning filter was a mind-shifting experience for her.

What is a Genius Blind Spot?

Generally speaking, the answer can be found by looking at those things you do, things that you take for granted. Things that you may think “anyone can do that”, but you actually do them so well you don’t have to even think about it. Within your genius blind spot is your unique value.

When you learn how to apply ever-deepening levels of curiosity you will get clarified down to anywhere between one and ten things. Once you have those you will need to move your focus to: what is it that gives your life a genuine sense of meaning? What is it that matters most to you? What is it that can get you out of bed to do what you do because you feel that it makes a difference?

When you get to those answers you will have something to offer (skills, products or services). You then must find a way for people to know about it, and you test it to find out if it’s something that people want and are willing to pay for. Then you are set up to make sales.

The Who You Know Factor

We all understand that people are the holders of the wealth that you are looking to tap into, if you have nothing to offer them why would they pass their money on to you? It certainly doesn’t do any harm for you to have some great contacts.

Any of us who have been in business for any period of time know the importance of relationship or put another way the “who you know” factor. However, even if you already have the contacts, connections and even the resources you need to be as successful as you desire, but have nothing to offer, you have nowhere to go!

Bringing you back to what I just said — your unique value is about what you already have! In looking for your unique value, one thing will become evident: much of your value is that which you take for granted.

In early 2020 Samantha had done the assignments we gave her and she discovered that one of her favourite things to do, one of the things she couldn’t resist doing while she was at work (in financial services) was to speak about healthy eating. She herself had struggled with the fact that she had always loved to bake. However, in the last few years she’d battled with gluten intolerance and that had put a stop to her baking for a while. However, in the last year or so she became deeply curious about gluten-free baking. When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit she was furloughed from her full-time position and just for fun she began experimenting with gluten-free baking.

The baking skills she had developed as a child bubbled up to the surface, it was something that just came “easy” for her. She began baking gluten-free cookies for her co-workers and sent them over in a care package and everyone loved them. By the end of June that same year Samantha’s homemade gluten-free cookie care packages had become a thing. Last week she had a second oven put into her place and she is already making close to the same income from her “side hustle” as she did in her job.

Samantha like most of us had a massive . Something she was so good at that she had taken it for granted and if it wasn’t for the pandemic, she might never have given herself permission to pursue.

What might be your Genius Blind Spot?

What is it that you are so good at that in some shape or form you devalue it? What is it that makes anything you do worthwhile because you feel deeply that it makes a difference?

P.S. Samantha’s biggest client is the firm she used to work for. They order from her to give them as care packages for many of the clients she previously took care of.

Find out how to discover your own Genius Blind Spot: hhtp://

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