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Stop Waiting For Time to Give You What You Want

Time was never the predictor of your success because time doesn’t care how long you wait.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

(Spoiler alert!) In the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a baby boy named Benjamin is born looking very old, and a nurse sends him to a nursing home to die. As he aged, he looks younger every year, as if time has reversed itself. That story explores why time cannot give us what we want: Benjamin kept chasing after the young woman he liked — forward and backward in time — never quite managing to stay with her, as he returned to being a baby and she became old. Success is not a matter of time.

The Powerful Nature of Feelings.

Feelings are powerful because they fuel our decisions. They validate what we choose. If you don’t like your results, you need to ask yourself what you are emotionally validating. What we emotionally validate has a theme, and it is recurrent.

In his namesake movie, Benjamin Button was adamant that he could beat time and get what he wanted (the girl). However, he spent his entire life chasing after ghosts. Counting on being successful eventually is a recipe for failure.

Let me be bold. Your feelings don’t care how long you wait. Their only task is to validate your emotional theme. What’s emotionally driving you to do what you do? The answer to that question impacts the level of success you get to experience.

Are You Heading Towards What You Want?

The problem with emotional themes is that they typically head in the opposite direction of what we want. For example, many of us have a friend who craves a loving relationship with a life partner. However, that friend repeatedly dates the wrong person for them. Do you think time can resolve what we emotionally validate?

The more we want something, the less likely it is we’ll experience it. Why? That’s because a want signifies a lack. Craving for success is a turbocharged feeling of lack, which attracts more lack. It’s a vicious cycle. So let me ask you, “Where do you want to be?”

A Commitment With Genuine Accountability Makes All The Difference.

I was working with a client who told me they hated the word commitment because it reminded them how quickly they bailed on themselves. Are you interested, or are you committed?

Commitment asks us to define what’s emotionally important to us. For some people, it’s about repeating the same mistakes on a different day. For others, it’s about learning how to navigate their feelings to experience more success. What is your commitment showing you?

Though my client says they hate the word commitment, they are willing to be held accountable for what they emotionally validate. They are tired of their failures, and they’re ready to deal with their feelings. Commitment leans hard into accountability.

Your feelings are written all over your decisions. It’s not about what you say or how long you wait. It’s about what you emotionally validate and what you’re ready to do about it with a genuine accountability partner. Are you willing to be held accountable for your feelings and their impact?

Stop waiting for time. It’s already gone.

Benjamin Button kept waiting for the right time to get what he wanted. Somehow, the right time never seemed quite right enough. Waiting for success to happen won’t make it happen. A good predictor of success is your willingness to be held accountable by someone with the emotional maturity to help you navigate your feelings to a good port. Who’s your genuine accountability partner?

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