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Vulnerability, Loyalty, and Success

Interview with Captivate The Room

“Welcome to the show!

I’m so delighted and honoured to have Dov Baron with me today. I admire his work and have no doubt that you are going to glean so many benefits from this episode. I cherish our time together.

Dov is a leadership trainer, speaker, and expert in creating loyalty and so much more.

Today on the show Dov and I talk about:

  • Why fierce loyalty is important
  • How to create fierce loyalty
  • The link between vulnerability and success
  • Full Monty Leadership
  • The value of millennials
  • Being a great leader and so much more!

Don’t miss a single minute of this value-packed interview.”

Click here for my latest for

Want to retain your top talent? Then my “Fiercely Loyal” book is for you! Plus get your free: “How to instantly bond any team” infographic.

Dov Baron is first and foremost “The Dragonist”. As The Dragonist, he teaches us how to recognize, find, retain and nurture dragons (top talent) hidden within our organizations.

Want to learn more about what Dov has to offer, and how you too can become a Dragonist in your realm? If you and your leadership team are dedicated to getting the result you set out to achieve in the most meaningful manner, bring Dov in to speak to your organization about the strategic advantages of Dragon Leadership. Go here to get started.

With gratitude,
Dov Baron…

Copyright: Dov Baron International 2020




What could it mean to you, your organization or your family business to step up into the highest form of leadership; becoming a Dragon Leader? Dragon Leaders Transform “Meaning Into Practical Action”

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