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What Yo Mama Didn’t Tell You About Money

This is about the heart of money matters.

The Case of The Missing Penny

Pointing to her financial ledger, my mother said she was out of balance by one penny, before frantically telling me to find it. All I had to do, she explained, was keep track of everything until it all added up. Wanting to please her, I eagerly hunched over her ledger and went in pursuit of the missing penny. I was eight years old.

What my mama didn’t tell me about money was that I would keep chasing after money like a frantic woman on a quest for balance until somebody taught me otherwise, I spent decades feeling emotionally responsible for everyone around me and keeping track of everything financially, with the hope my life ledger would one day be balanced. Can you relate?

Choosing The FEQ Way

Financial Emotional Intelligence (FEQ) is about understanding the impact our feelings and emotions have on money, so we can make better decisions emotionally and financially.

With the help of an FEQ mentor, I started understanding I was the mirror image of my mother. The journey hasn’t been easy, but I have since become the FEQ coach I am today. From my own experience …

Here are some FEQ strategies you can apply right now to become more savvy about money:

  1. Identify the areas where you’ve been chasing after money.
  2. Identify what happens within you when chasing after money.
  3. Make the decision to become financially emotionally intelligent.
  4. Hire an FEQ coach or mentor.

Choosing the FEQ way comes with many advantages, including:

  • Putting an end to our folly
  • Fostering feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and joy
  • Nurturing deep, meaningful relationships

Moving Forward

I keep asking my mentor for help to develop my Financial Emotional Intelligence.

How will you examine what yo mama didn’t tell you about money?

I’d love to know. Thanks for reading!

My name is Anne Beaulieu. I offer plenty of FEQ resources at



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