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Why True Visionaries Are Not Self-Made or Multi-Generationally Groomed (Part 2)

Must Success Come at Any Price?

Let’s recap.

Is 97% Good Enough?

In the last article, I talked to you about my naturally joyful, seven-year-old son, Alex, who had his joy deflated quicker than a prick to a balloon when he was given a standard for perfection that would bind him to a system geared towards mass conformity, not beloved individuality.

Who Decides What’s Best For Us?

Let me be bold. How many of us have actually closely examined the standards we were given as children?

Take Yang Huiyan for example, the richest woman in China. Her father transferred over 70% of his holdings to her prior to taking his company public when she was merely 25 years old.

You might not be Yang Huiyan, but how can you be so sure that you are doing things differently than her? We’ve all been exposed to standards that may not be our own.

Hoping For The Best Can Prove Costly

I’ve heard many children say they hope to “do things differently” once they become adults and create their own business or take over the family reins in a multigenerational setup.

As an example, the Founder and CEO of RELX Technology, Kate Wang, decided to mass produce what she calls high quality e-cigarettes after witnessing her father struggling to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

During an interview, Kate mentioned that she was “unaware of the negative health effects of cigarettes until the father of a colleague passed away due to lung cancer.”

Despite those glaring health warnings, Kate Wang continues to create lung-altering products. Even the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) agrees that e-cigarette use may increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

Must Success Come at Any Price?

I’ve never met Yang Huiyan, the richest woman in China, and I find it sad that it is said she has a very quiet life “with very little known about her.” It makes me wonder whose vision she is holding.

As for Kate Wang, it’s as if her family past has completely been erased from social media; there seems to be no mention of her parents anywhere. Why would someone digitally erase their family origins and call themselves a visionary?

The Freedom Call of Genuine Accountability Partnerships

Fortunately for all of us, there’s a wonderful way to become a true visionary, someone who closely examines everything they were taught, so they can learn how to truly think for themselves. That wonderful way is genuine accountability partnerships.

In a genuine accountability partnership, you have an accountability partner who is not only highly skilled at creating a strategic plan with you but also has a profoundly practical Emotionally Intelligent process that will challenge your perspective, showing you how to play a bigger game.

Genuine accountability partnerships nurture true visionaries!

Imagine what would happen if Yang Huiyan and Kate Wang had genuine accountability partnerships in place. It’s never too late to change!

In conclusion:

Yang Huiyan and Kate Wang may be successful women entrepreneurs, they may even be private, but I wonder whose vision they are holding. I’m wondering because …

A true visionary readily acknowledges no one does it alone.

Let us remember that a true visionary also understands that to fulfill their vision, they require:

  • a bold Vision … obviously :)
  • an Emotionally Intelligent Strategic Plan that is not just focused on outcomes but is also sincerely human
  • a Genuine Accountability Partner

We all believe we are true visionaries … until a Genuine Accountability Partner enters our life and shows us what we do not know.

Who is helping you become a true visionary?

Anne Beaulieu is a Strategic Financial Emotional Intelligence Coach, who is Unwaveringly Bold about Inspiring the Next Generation of Emotionally Intelligent and Strategic Women. You can email Anne at



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