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Don’t Beat Yourself Up

The Dad I am and the Dad I thought I would be

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I remember dreaming about the kind of father I would be when I had kids. You know, basically perfect. I would be just fun enough to be a cool dad, but strict enough to keep my kids in line. There were plenty of visions of front-porch conversations where I distilled pure wisdom upon them. Of course, they would hang on every word.




Being a family man comes with a lot of weight and responsibility. We publish articles that encourage you to keep going, inspire you to step up your game, and equip you with tips to unlock the best dad/husband/provider/in-law/chef/tooth fairy/taxi driver you can be.

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Brad Creech

Brad Creech

Pastor - husband - father - pilgrim on my way to that better country (Heb. 11:16)

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