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The Dad Hammer Times, 10/19/2020

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.”― Anne Frank

No matter how much we love our children, work to teach them how to deal with the problems of the world, and give them the lessons we think they need, they will ultimately have to choose to follow the ways they were brought up.

I think this can be a hard lesson for parents to learn. I know for me, it makes me cringe to think that we can do everything ‘right,’ and yet, they will be the ones who determine if they will follow our lessons or not.

While this can be scary, we also need to learn to have a little faith in our children. Knowing that we trust them to make the right decisions and do what is right can be just as formative as teaching them what is right.

I hope this quote takes a little pressure off today.

This Week’s Stories

Only two stories this week, but one reminding us to think of our childhood. And the other story looks into learning how to parent and write at the same time. Check out these stories, read, clap, highlight, and respond!

5 Lessons About Writing While Parenting (Distributed)

By: Jack Heimbigner

This morning, my children woke up an entire hour earlier than they are supposed to wake up. I was working hard at writing several drafts, but all I could hear was their chit-chat from the bathroom. They were plotting on how to stay out of the room.


The Sound of Rain

By: Jack Heimbigner

Growing up, I basically lived in a desert. High desert to be exact. It was like Tatooine or Jakku in Star Wars. Open space for miles with very little rain. In fact, we only got 12 inches a year. So, when it rained, well suffice to say, it was amazing. I loved it. At night, I would open my window up so I could hear the rain bouncing off the tin roofs on the farm.


Weekly Dad Jokes

Do you know why you never see elephants hiding in trees? It’s because they’re so good at it.

My mother-in-law had a good laugh with me on it. My daughters both told me that elephants can climb trees and proceeded to tell me all the reasons why…

The Week’s Writing Prompt

What is something you shared from your childhood with your kids?

Growing up on a farm, there were lots of unusual activities we did growing up. And whenever we go back to the family farm, I try to share with them those activities.

About half the time, they find these things just as fun as I did as a kid. The other half the time, they don’t quite understand why I found them fun or why we did them.

Share a time when you shared something from your childhood with your kids. How did it go? Did they enjoy it or hate it?

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