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Apr 15 · 6 min read

All that remains is the awareness of an awareness observing thought and senses.

Eternally Singular

Who am I?

In the previous article, a conclusion was made to further the realisation that you are not a human being with senses, through which you experience the physical world whilst creating memories along the journey. Rather, you— the being with which you choose to identify–are but an illusory self conceptualised in the observation of a belief in a thought of a memory that you exist, observing also the delusion that is a physical experience through the senses of which you are aware.

It is important to encompass the understanding that although the senses are fundamentally “real” and do occur, trying to find meaning in the experiences achieved through the senses is paradoxical and inconsequential. Furthermore, this may be potentially detrimental to the prospective understanding one may reach in regards to the unknown.

With this understanding, the contemplation of “Who” one may identify with deters you from the reality that is and back into the delusion that only exists in the belief that others appear in the same way you believe you do. The illusion that is an observation of an arrangement of physical beings with personalities from which one may construe a who.

The you you believe in based on your experiences and memories is not real, however that which you observe–the five senses and thought–is real in that the observation is there and you are aware of it. The contents of thoughts and the senses are irrelevant and do not need to be inspected, but rather observed for what they are from the perspective of the observer rather than that of the illusory self.

This invalidates the assumption that you are a who based on the premise that it is impossible for a who to exist, further disbanding the belief that any thing can exist other than what is observed. This includes the five senses and thought, none of which represent you.

All that remains is where you are and what you are, for you can not be a “who”.

Where am I?

Firstly, to understand the properties of where you might be, we have to go back and dissect what is known to us as time and space. It is believed that we live in a dimension dependant on time and space, through which we move and grow old and observe that which we see change and morph over what we believe is time.

However, in the previous article, we came to another conclusion that refutes time as being any thing greater than a concept. There is only one moment; that moment is now and that much is true.

There is no past and there is no future, only memory and imagined foresight, both existing as components of thought.

In the same way that a “who” cannot exist, the only “when” is now. Any time other than now is merely the observation of an illusion that is the focus of a thought. Whether you believe it exists in the past or the future is irrelevant and inconsistent with the Truth.

The illusion of space can be observed similarly in that without your senses, you would not be able to experience the phenomenon that is moving. You believe that it is possible to move in what is perceived to be the physical world because you see your perspective shift and you feel the sensation of touch that you then choose to associate with what it is you see.

At any time — now — that you observe yourself in any specific place, you believe that you had to arrive wherever it is you find yourself. That belief is only an illusion fabricated inside your thoughts, leading you to believe that you existed in a place other than where you are now. Keeping in mind that where you are now, is no where.

It is impossible for you to have ever moved, for all you have experienced in your existence are the five senses and thought. You have only ever “seen” an image which you were led to believe was three dimensional, only because you experienced a shift in perspective when you “felt” the sensation of touch, known to you — mistakenly — as the sensation of moving.

You are not a who, you have never been any where, so all that is left is what you are.

What am I?

If you have ever tried to find “where you might be, you may have come to the daunting conclusion that you exist no where. Yet, you are still aware and you still exist. If you are not who you believed you were, and you have never been any where, what could you possibly be?

When you realise the Truth of “who” you are not and “where” you have not been, you start to search for “what” it is you are. The following explanation of what it is you are may seem convoluted in the sense that you might find it hard to understand a feeling or a Truth that is not intellectual. This incongruous conception is based on the premise that for as long as you remember, anything you have ever known has existed in the contents of your senses and thought.

Therefore, you exist outside of your senses and thought, which is outside of time and space, concepts constructed in the five senses and thought. What you believed to be your experience in this perceived physical world is nothing more than the eternal observation of your five senses and thought. All being observed now and only now, forever and no where.

You are observing five senses and thought, not through your eyes for they are a concept you believe in. There is no body to observe touch, no ears to observe hearing, no tongue to observe taste and no nose to observe smell. There is not even a mind to observe thought. All are just observed, and what you believe you are is just an illusion fabricated within the observation.

The perfect example is when you dream, for you are able to observe the sensation of hearing without ears, you are able to observe the sensation of seeing without eyes, you are able to observe the sensation of touch when your body is asleep, you also possess the ability of smell and taste without your nose and tongue. No thing is needed for you to observe the five senses and thought, you only believe they are any thing more than observations happening now and eternally, uncontrolled by you.


Every thing that you have ever known exists only in your five senses and thought. Knowledge is an illusion, disguised as a concept in the observation you are observing. This holds true for pain and suffering, existentialism, intrusive thoughts and habits, cognitive difficulties and all that which you believe causes harm.

Pain does not exist outside of the observation of the five senses and thought. Pain is never experienced, it is only observed. It is impossible for you to have ever suffered, rather you observed the concept of suffering and believed it was an experience. You are the observer and that which you observe is known to many as a reality, one that is no more than an illusion instilled in the belief that one can experience an observation.

You are the eternal observer through which observations become reality, forever and now. You must transcend what you believe you are and become every one. There is no thing, there is no where, there is only the observer and the observed. You must experience that which transcends the observer to become the eternal Truth.


Existing is merely an illusion. I hope to bring about what is real and what is imagined in this illusive reality. To rise above all pain and suffering which lives only in the mind.

    Samir Chahine

    Written by

    The Law of Life


    Existing is merely an illusion. I hope to bring about what is real and what is imagined in this illusive reality. To rise above all pain and suffering which lives only in the mind.

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